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Mizzou-Auburn Photo Gallery... AND A VIDEO!

Photos (and video) from Mizzou’s 85-73 win over No. 11 Auburn

Mizzou Arena was lit on Saturday night, with a season-high crowd of 12,500 on hand

Actual proof of Mizzou’s 85-73 victory over No. 11 Auburn

That happened, right? It wasn’t just an awesome dream? Rock M staff photographer, Sean Westendorf, was in attendance at the Mizzou - Auburn game Saturday night, and took some some great pictures for us.

Another game without injured players, Mark Smith & Jeremiah Tilmon, and the Tigers continue to fight
Parker Braun, Destroyer of Rims
A close-up of X’s Sponge Bob Square Pants x Nike Kyrie 5s, released Aug 2019
Cuonzo Martin, our Fearless Leader, reminded his players in the locker room post-game, “You’re good enough.”
X and Dru led the team on Saturday with career-highs of 28 points

Check out the rest of the shots in the photo gallery:

A new feature! Sean compiled an awesome video so we can bask in this sweet, sweet post-win glow forever.