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PODCAST: EXERCISE CAUTION before praising Mizzou Hoops’ recent form

Dive Cuts returns to talk Mizzou’s recent form and why it would be wise to tread carefully

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Welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts with Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris. Mizzou Hoops is looking a little bit better as of late, right? That’s nice. HOWEVER, there’s still reason to have pause before going full steam ahead on this positivity train. Sam and Matt dive into what has happened lately with Mizzou Hoops, why you should perhaps temper your expectations a bit, and ook ahead to Saturday’s matchup at Arkansas.

They also talk a little player development, roster reset/construction, and much more. Let’s dive in.


:45 - 23:14: Mizzou Basketball has experienced some recent success, which is nice! But there are some concerns there. Are they winning? Yes. But how’s the progress from an analytics standpoint. Mizzou has got some players that can get this team to where we believe Cuonzo Martin wants this team to be, but it is a #process.

23:15 - 41:45: Mizzou plays Saturday at Arkansas and then Wednesday at Vandy. One is a projected loss, one is a projected win (albeit CLOSE). KenPom’s predictions are a little bit of a mixed bag as projected wins and losses for the upcoming games. Looking ahead, what can you expect to see against Arkansas this time around? Will Isaiah Joe return? What happens if Mizzou does find a way to beat Arkansas on the road? Things start to brighten up!

41:46 - 49:25: As far as player development goes, this is still something the team is looking for, but the signs are there. In the offseason, the structure of this team needs to change in some way, whether that be incoming players or with players progressing. The roster construction coming up will be very intriguing, as there is only one scholly available presently. Is someone given a gentle nudge to find greener pastures?

49:26 - END: It’s time for some final thoughts and Mizzou has a good chance in front of them on Saturday. This could be fun despite the cautionary tales told in this pod!

(Editor’s note: this is not the sunshine pumping pod I was hoping for)

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