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Mizzou lost on Saturday, but there’s reason for hope

Mizzou Links for Monday, February 24

Mizzou can still build off of Saturday, despite the loss

Winning is better than losing. I don’t see how it gets easier than that in the world of sports. A lot of time when you try to see the glass as half full, or pick apart reasons for optimism after a loss, you’ll minimize the fact that... well, you lost. You’d always prefer to take home the W, and there’s no amount of analysis that can replace that.

THAT BEING SAID, there are quite a few reasons to be optimistic about the rest of Mizzou’s season, even if it doesn’t end in a trip to the big dance. Sam covered quite a few good things (along with the bad) in yesterday’s Study Hall, so you can start there for a thorough examination of Saturday’s bout with the Razorbacks. Then, move along to the links below.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

Blackwell has turned into a stat-stuffing machine, and Hayley Frank is starting to turn her flashes of brilliance into some consistency. The next three years could be pretty fun to watch!