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The One Where There’s Next to No News

Mizzou Links for Wednesday, February 26

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The One Where’s There’s Next to No News

If you took it as a play on a Friends’ title, congrats. That’s what I was going for.

What my Links readers are going to say if I keep writing ridiculous headlines like this

But seriously, y’all, there is just not a whole helluva lot to share right now. With no hoops on Tuesday night, it really threw me off my... game? So, please bear with me.

Women’s basketball plays their last home game of the season on Thursday, and though Saturday was technically Senior Day, we’ll say our last Mizzou Arena goodbyes to Hannah, the two Jordans and Amber on Thursday evening. put together a really nice piece on them on Sunday, asking each to reflect upon their time at Mizzou, which was full of very high highs and some low lows. From the article:

They (the seniors) are leaders on the team and keep pushing when things get hard. They are relentless players who stay persistent and resilient to the end of every game. When their final game is played, this graduating class will be remembered as fighters. Every time they take the court is an opportunity to showcase how hard they worked to get there.

”When you really take pride in being able to wear that jersey it’s amazing. I don’t think there are words to describe that feeling of coming out of the tunnel,” Schuchts said.

Mizzou Athletics

“The things that I was able to go through and overcome having these people with me has been amazing. I thank all of Mizzou nation from the bottom of my heart,” Roundtree said.

Thanks for everything, ladies.

To the links!

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:


Men’s Hoops

  • Future broadcaster Mitchell Smith hosted Tiger Talk on Monday night. I wish they’d make these videos available to the general public because I’d love to hear the whole thing. I know at one point Mitch made fun of Zo’s ‘stache during his college playing days.
  • Rock M twitter got weird on Tuesday night when rapper Master P’s son, Hercy Miller, apparently picked up an offer from the Tigers’ staff. Witness:
  • One last chance to see the Tigers at home this season! Thursday. 7pm. Be there.

Diamond Sports

  • New softball rankings! Larissa Anderson’s team also checks in at # 23 in the USA Softball poll!

Other Mizzou Sports News

  • Gymnastics- Congrats to freshman Helen Hu on her SEC Freshman of the Week honors after her phenomenal performance in Friday’s meet! More details from

Mizzou in the Pros / Denver Sports Beat

  • Mike is back and — surprise, surprise — he’s still good, guys.