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PODCAST: Before The Box Score Returns

Nate Edwards is back and he brought BK with him

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Appalachian State v South Carolina Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Welcome BACK, Tiger Fans! Before The Box Score has triumphantly returned with your regular host, Nate the Great Edwards. Consider this your Off-season Edition, your Countdown to Spring FB Edition, your St. Louis Battlehawks Fan Edition of the BTBS Podcast.

Breaking news! Nate’s got a friend now, and it’s none other than THE Brandon Kiley, of COMO, KC, STL, KC, and now back to STL radio fame. It has been a little bit since Rock M Nation Podcasts have talked about Football, but have no fear, that changes now. Nate and BK dive into some of the newest news surrounding Mizzou Football, and there’s quite a lot if you have been paying attention. Some topics include: Drink’s recruiting plan, the creativity of the offense, AND where the edge rushing could come from this team (a bit of a concern here).

Before we get to the breakdown, it’s important to know that BK will be a mainstay on this here podcast with Nate Edwards. [wild applause ensues] So please let us know about your level of excitement when you can finally contain yourself.

Episode Breakdown:

1:00 - 11:40: This is the first time Mizzou has experienced basically a whole new regime since Gary Pinkel. So, first thing is first, let’s talk roster. What is the biggest position of need for this staff in THIS recruiting class? (Hint: getting to the QB is a key). The other position that peeks Nate’s interest is depth at Running Back... BUT, does BK share that same concern?

11:41 - 17:00: One position that we have seen some off-season movement from is the Wide Receiver position. Kam Scott has entered the portal, so where does that leave Mizzou? What was your favorite Kam Scott catch— a brief in memoriam)? It was a lackluster year from the WRs last year, to say the least. Will new grad transfer Hazelton be eligible?

17:01 - 24:25: The most important position on the field is the QB. Shawn Robinson looks to be the front runner, but what can you expect to see from Shawn this year? Or is there some thought that one of the younger QBs could make a run at the starting position this season? Mizzou also needs to replace some interior linemen this year, which helps a team run and throw the ball.

24:26 - 35:10: When a new coach comes in, the roster oftentimes needs a reset, and while the defense looks like it should be fine, the offense has some holes. With that being said, what should your expectations be this year? You might have heard, Drinkwitz has a new approach to recruiting, or at least some new ideas. Let’s dive into that. It’s... different, but could make sense.

35:11 - END: Lastly, Spring Football starts up in less than two weeks. While we do not know what media access will be like for Spring ball, BK expects it could be reasonably open given the staff’s access thus far. Fun Fact! There IS going to be an actual quarterback battle for the first time since 2011! And, of course, there’s some other things we want to see— who jumps out at DE among them... Nate and BK wrap-up their final thoughts. Is the new season anticipated? Feared? A mixture of the two? See ya next time, with Nate AND BK!

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