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Missouri is playing a basketball game tonight, and it’d be swell if they won

Mizzou Links for Tuesday, February 5

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“It’s game day!” he said exuberantly to the still hungover Mizzou/Chiefs fans from Sunday

It’s Tuesday, and Missouri is playing a basketball game tonight. I’m running out of ways to say, “Just win, baby!” so at some point the Tigers are really just going to have to win, baby.

Anyway, here are a few of yesterday’s basketball snippets. We’ll have our full game preview up later this morning.

  • Missouri isn’t bringing up the rear in Dave Matter’s latest SEC Heat Check, but that’s only because the SEC is a big ole nasty turd this year.
  • Also in the Post-Dispatch, Coach Martin acknowledged how hard it can be to build momentum in a season like this.
  • The Columbia Tribune highlights how Missouri could find some measure of redemption against the Aggies tonight.
  • The SEC Network featured Mizzou last night. The pull quote seems curious given the play this year, but hey, I’m not an SEC Network producer.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • Subscribers to The Athletic could have some fun revisiting the recruiting class of 2016, which Mizzou actually turned out OK in despite not making the final group — Missouri beat guy Peter Baugh says the Tigers just missed the Top 25.
  • Readers of all sorts can get access to PowerMizzou’s Q&A with recruiting coordinator Casey Woods. It’s an interesting look into this new staff’s mindset on recruiting Mizzou.
  • Now for the PowerMizzou subscribers: Gabe wrote out his Monday morning thoughts (mostly Chiefs stuff, because obviously), while Sean Williams broke down Kris Abrams-Draine’s commitment to Missouri.
  • Am I the only one who says Bush Hamdan’s last name in a very pronounced manner? Ham Dan. Anyone else? Ham Dan?
  • Coach Drinkwitz’s tweet below is fine, but even better is the guy in his mentions reminding him that Mizzou, in fact, plays on a turf field! Haha good one, bro! We’re all dying over here!
  • Mizzou Athletics’ website highlighted senior Cherise Otter, who made big contributions to the golf program in a return from injury in 2019.
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