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Rally For Rhyan Pledge Drive 2020: Mizzou vs Arkansas

It’s the annual Rally For Rhyan game, and this time Rock M Nation is taking part...

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This Saturday is the annual Rally For Rhyan game at Mizzou Arena.

For the fifth straight year Mizzou Men’s Basketball has hosted a Rally For Rhyan game with the goal of raising money for pediatric cancer research, largely behind Rhyan Loos. Loos is the daughter of former men’s basketball assistant Brad Loos, and now neuroblastoma survivor. But while Loos has been cancer-free for almost three years, the fight against childhood cancer rages on, and this year Rock M Nation is going to do a little something about it (or we’re going to try)!

We’re introducing our Rock M Nation #RallyForRhyan Pledge Drive!

How to participate?

Well, we’re doing our best to make it fun. There’s a form below; simply fill it out based upon how much you would like to donate. There are a few different ways to give, detailed here:

  • Flat donation — simply give a flat dollar amount. Whether it’s $1 or $1,000, every little bit counts and we will accept all donations.
  • Flat donation times an escalator — Pick a minimum dollar amount, then multiply it by our escalator. The escalator against Arkansas is going to be Total Made Shots (Field Goals + Free Throws) * True Shooting Percentage

As an example, Missouri’s best offensive performance in SEC play was against the Florida Gators. They made 32 Field Goals and 15 Free Throws. Their True Shooting Percentage (or TS%) was 74.8%. So the escalator for this game would be: 35.156

So if you pledged $1.50, you would owe: $52.74 (because we’re generous we’re ALWAYS going to round up).

Another example would be Missouri’s worst home offensive performance, against Tennessee, where they made 19 Field Goals, and 12 Free Throws, with a TS% of 47.6%. This escalator would be: 14.756

A pledge of $1.50 would end up being: $22.14

Make sense? If not, just pledge a flat rate. The escalator is just to make it fun and hope for a big shooting day from our offensively challenged Tigers.

  • [EDIT] We’ve added a Prop Bets Pledge as well: $3 per made 3, $5 per charge taken, $2 per blocked shot, $2.50 per steal, $15 for the win + $1 per point differential.

I probably don’t have to say this, but 100% of the money collected will go directly to, which donates all its money to individual pediatric cancer research studies.

Now a bit more about the game— the Missouri Men’s Basketball Team will take on the Arkansas Razorbacks in the hardwood version of the Battle Line Trophy Game, all the while trying to raise some money. Arkansas has improved a little over last year after moving on from former Mizzou coach Mike Anderson. Anderson left the roster in good shape for Eric Musselman, who runs out an undersized but competitive scoring team each night.

The Hogs will play 6’3” combo guard (and former Hickman Kewpie) Jimmy Whitt at center during certain segments of the game, and run out as many guards as possible while being willing to give up some interior looks and rebounding.

If you’re looking for tickets, there are still plenty available. StubHub was showing all kinds of seats with pretty good deals if you’re looking for a last minute pickup. And we all know how much the team could use some additional butts in the seats.

Like with any good cause, feel free to donate at any time.

How we’ll conclude this? Well I’ve been asked that question and didn’t realize I didn’t include this, BUT... after the game I’ll tally everything up and we’ll post an update either Sunday or Monday (probably Monday) with the results, with a link to donate. If you want to do a flat donation, the above donate button works and we’ll take it now.