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Can the feel-good vibes of Mizzou Football's NSD translate to Tiger basketball... PLEASE?!?

Mizzou News for Friday, February 7

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Who’s in the mood for some feel-good basketball?!?

Me. You. All of us.

Can we take Drink’s enthusiasm from National Signing Day and just bottle it up and force feed it to the Tiger basketball team to inject some good vibes into Saturday’s match up? I think it can work.

Saturday, as you all should know by now, is Rally for Rhyan Day, and Mizzou is undefeated in such games. Let’s reminisce, shall we, and see just how far Rhyan has come in her pediatric cancer battle, and just how well this game has gone in supporting the cause.

If you haven’t already, please participate in our pledge drive! Thanks for the shout out, Rally For Rhyan twitter!

Also, be sure to check out Josh’s game preview later on this morning to see how the Tigers match up with an Isaiah Joe-less Razorback team.

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Yesterday at Rock M

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  • Shots fired. I love it.

Men’s Hoops

  • STL Today: Dave Matter held his regularly scheduled weekly chat, focusing mainly on hoops & football. Interesting tidbits of the chat: One commenter asked about Tray Jackson’s lack of playing time, especially in the A&M game. Dave’s response:

It’s not a mystery why he doesn’t play a lot. He’s not very strong or physical. He doesn’t play much defense. He fouled like crazy at WVU when Martin wanted to give him more playing time - and fouled out in 10 minutes. But it’s still surprising that he barely sees the floor in games like Tuesday’s. In that game, though, Mitchell Smith was MU’s best player and Smith and Jackson play the same position. So, unless you move Smith over to the five, when he’s the one guy playing physical and taking multiple charges and crashing the boards, it makes sense to keep him on the floor instead of Jackson, who does none of those things.

Women’s Hoops

Mizzou Softball

  • Softball’s season gets started this weekend with the NFCA Leadoff Classic in Clearwater, FL (that my parents are attending)! Here’s what’s on tap:

“I want them to say this is the best year, the best team they’ve ever been a part of. If they can say that at the end of the year, then we accomplished everything we need to.”

Other Mizzou Sports & News

  • As mentioned earlier this week, Missouri Gymnastics is in Tuscaloosa to face #7 Alabama at 7:15pm on SEC+. The 21st ranked Tigers currently rank 16th nationally on floor, 18th on beam, 19th on vault, and 29th on bars. Individually, freshman Helen Hu ranks fifth nationally on beam with an average of 9.920 (WOW). Stats and more meet info available at
  • Next week is the season opener and it’s one month to the home opener at Taylor Stadium for Tiger Baseball! Get excited!

Sunday’s dual will feature Mizzou Wrestling alumni returning to The Zou, along with Mizzou Football Head Coach Drinkwitz being the Honorary Coach of the match. If fans show up on time, Mizzou Wrestling is giving away free foam ‘2’ Fingers so that every time the Tigers score, fans can hold up the foam finger. Bringing Canned Food gets you $4 admission as well helps Takedown Hunger, and any Greek Sorority/Fraternity members apart of any house get in free since it’s Greek Night.

Mizzou in the Pros/Former Mizzou Sports figures News

  • Dane Brugler, NFL Recruiting Analyst for The Athletic, called Jordan Elliot one of the better defensive tackles in the draft.
  • I LOVE this. Sophie’s impact on kids is heartwarming.