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Mizzou remains undefeated in Rally for Rhyan Games

Mizzou Hoops Links for Sunday, February 9

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Mizzou remains undefeated in Rally for Rhyan games

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? I really think that we saw something good from everyone at one point or another in this game, and the fact that we pulled out a victory without Mark Smith or Jeremiah Tilmon and while in a bunch of foul trouble makes it even more impressive. Does it change the season thus far? No, it’s still disappointing. But does it make you feel all good inside, even if just for one day? ABSOLUTELY. (For the record- I never stopped believing)

The highlights!

The pics.

The only stand-out stat that matters.

Favorite moment? Tray Jackson... man.

Fave pic of the day? Hard to choose, but going with this one...

My feelings exactly, fellow Rock M colleagues.

Here’s some basketball links!

Yesterday at Rock M

More Hoops Links:

Social Media wrap-up:

  • Welcome back, Marcus Denmon! (Also heard Maty Mauk & his dad were in attendance, as well as former Mizzou football center, Tim Barnes)
  • A mini reunion of sorts:
  • Pics, courtesy of Mizzou Hoops twitter:
  • But seriously...
  • Thanks for coming to support the cause, GP!
  • X-Man had himself quite a game. Only TWO turnovers!! Career high in points! Must be that fresh new cut.
  • First career double-double for Big ‘Sota.
  • The football team posed with the Battle Line Trophy... without their (former) coach... who now coaches for... Arkansas. It was weird. And cool. (yes, that’s my tweet and pic)
  • It was all for you, Rhyan.

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