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Rally For Rhyan Pledge Drive, Time to settle up!

If you signed up to pledge, here’s the what and how!

Rally For Rhyan was a success at Mizzou Arena yesterday. A Mizzou win, and they raised some money!

Our pledge drive was less successful than the game day at Mizzou Arena. I was frankly a little disappointed in participation, but any money collected is better than no money collected, right?

If you participated, thank you. Here’s the factors on what your pledge amounted to:

  • Flat donation times an escalator — Pick a minimum dollar amount, then multiply it by our escalator. The escalator against Arkansas is going to be Total Made Shots (Field Goals + Free Throws) * True Shooting Percentage

Made FG = 23

Made FT = 34

True Shooting% = 52.3%

So (FGM+FTM)*TS% as the escalator means your escalator is 29.811.

  • We’ve added a Prop Bets Pledge as well: $3 per made 3, $5 per charge taken, $2 per blocked shot, $2.50 per steal, $15 for the win + $1 per point differential.

$3 per made 3 — 3 made 3’s = $9

$5 per charge taken — 2 charges taken = $10

$2 per blocked shot — 2 shots blocked = $4

$2.50 per steal — 8 steals = $20

$15 for the win + $1 per point differential = $19

How do I pay up?

I was planning on collecting for RockMNation (feel free to still send money through the donation button located on the first Rally For Rhyan post — I’ll make sure it gets to R4R). But with the somewhat underwhelming response to the pledge drive, it might be easier for you to use the Donate through the R4R website:

Either way we’ll make sure the money gets where it was going.

I don’t have a way to ensure all donations are followed through, but considering this is for pediatric cancer might just be welcoming some kind of plague on your home if you welch. I would advise against it. The good news is I have already received a few donations not on our Google Sheet. So if you want to still donate, please do!