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PODCAST: Previewing the SEC Tournament

Dive Cuts returns to talk about the SEC Tournament and everyone’s favorite team, the Memphis Grizzlies

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NCAA Basketball: Texas A&M at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to the Grizz Cuts Podcast Network... er... Dive Cuts, with Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris! Well... The regular season is over and Mizzou Basketball turns its attention to the SEC Tournament this week. Mizzou did avoid playing on Wednesday, so that is a small victory. Is there any chance they go on a run here? Also, they dive into what is ahead next year and beyond.


0:46 - 18:35: Welcome everyone to Rock M Nation Podcasts, where we celebrate ALL things Memphis Grizzlies! Before the Mizzou Basketball talk, let’s chat about Memphis draft picks, and Jontay Porter— who recently signed with the Grizzlies. Sam claims to be a Ja stan forever, so this is not a new crush. It’s great for Jontay to end up in an organization who’s committed to developing their young core. If Grizz Cuts isn’t your thing, by the way, fast forward 17-ish minutes. (editor’s note: I love Ja Morant and am an avid Jontay fan, so yeah... I’m here for this).

18:36 - 27:01: NOW, back to your regularly scheduled Dive Cuts. Mizzou is coming off of a win, which thanks to some help, means they are not playing on Wednesday night. They play on Thursday at 6PM against Texas A&M. How about that? Let’s look at that match-up a little bit. Will a third rematch do the trick? Jeremiah was missing the first two, so perhaps there’s hope.

27:02 - 50:18: IF Mizzou can get by A&M, which both guys think they can, the next round would be very interesting for the Tigers. It’ll be a track meet. Beating Auburn again is going to be difficult because the last time Mizzou played Auburn, the 3 point shot was the great equalizer. Is that something you can replicate? Auburn is NOT a dead-eyed shooting team. Also, the guys give a wider preview of the entire tournament. The bottom part of the bracket intrigues Matt. Matt & Sam also talk All-SEC awards. Matt is working on a piece where he names his choices for the awards.

50:19 - END: Final thoughts. We are taking over the Memphis Grizzlies SB Nation blog, obviously. And oh yeah, Dive Cuts will return next week to recap the season, and MAYBE, preview a NCAA berth (hey, you can dream). Also, thanks for sticking with us. We’ll see you next week!

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