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Dru Smith was robbed!!! An indignation-filled post.

Mizzou Links for Wednesday, March 11

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Dru Smith was ROBBED! Welcome to my indignation-filled links post.

I mean... really. Really? REALLY?!? So you’re telling me that DRU SMITH isn’t deserving of be named to any All-SEC team? Dru Smith, who was well-qualified to win the SEC Defensive Player of the Year award, isn’t on ANYONE’s list? Nowhere in the top 10 for the AP poll? The SEC coaches named like 60,000 people to their All-SEC teams and NO DRU SMITH (they named 17 total, which is really just weird)? Like, for real?!? Imagine, if you will, thinking that Dru Smith is not one of the SEVENTEEN best players in the SEC? I can’t imagine. I can’t. It’s unfathomable.

Dave Matter put together his own list, complete with some made-up categories that don’t exist— like third team All-SEC and All-Transfer Team. And guess who’s on it? D-R-U-(expletive)-S-M-I-T-H. In Matter’s list (read his post, please), he named Dru to third team All-SEC, All-Defense, All-Transfer, and named him the Rookie/Newcomer of the Year.

Let’s look at Dru’s stats, shall we? He led the SEC in steals (64, 2.1 per game), steals percentage (3.8), defensive win share (1.8) and was 6th in defensive rating (95.7). On his own team, he led Mizzou in scoring (12.7 ppg), assists (3.9), steals (2.1) and was third in rebounds (4.2) [source: Dave’s post]

Social media’s reaction to the ommittance was (as expected), not thrilled.

  • Mizzou Hoops in general is confused. (me too)
  • Associate Director of Strategic Communications, RJ Layton, made an interesting comparison (I don’t know who Player A is, btw— any guesses?)
  • Cuonzo’s thoughts on the snub, according to Dave Matter:
  • Dave thought he’d at least make the defensive team. (same, Dave... same)

I’m filled with righteous indignation, dear readers. And so should you. Anyway, on to the links... I guess.

Detective Gordon is angry, and so am I.

Yesterday at Rock M

  • Resident Basketball Savants Sam & Matt talked in your ears about their new Grizz Cuts pod — devoted solely to their (not) newfound devotion to the Memphis Grizzlies, Ja Morant, and their recent pick-up, one Jontay Porter. But seriously, they put out a new Dive Cuts Podcast. Listen here or read the recap. Or do BOTH.
  • Newer Matt published a hoops notebook, focusing on the Smith Triplets chatting up being “shot-ready.”
  • Fearless Leader Sam asked an important question— can Mizzou make the NCAAT? He dove deeper into Mizzou’s game make-up and compared it to teams like Cincy to see how one team could make it in, and how another (MU) will not, barring an #improbabletourneyrun.
  • WORTH REPEATING: Catch up with Josh’s weekly Three Outcomes baseball post if you haven’t already. It’s from Monday but I like to plug it repeatedly because it’s cool content.
  • COMING UP!!! A new episode of the BTBS pod will be up, featuring our faves, BK & Nate (The Great). It’ll be downloadable on Apple Podcasts by the time you see this, no doubt.

More Links:


  • Some cool NewZou graphics from Mizzou Football’s twitter:
  • Hard at work. Keep at it, fellas.


  • On the road (in the air) to Nashville:
  • From our good friend Blake Lovell about the media/locker room access during the SEC Tourney during this virus-filled time:

Diamond Sports

  • Super cool honor for Kara Decker, N4A Student-Athlete of the Month. According to their site, this is what the award recognizes:

In an effort to recognize and celebrate the achievements and accomplishments of these individuals, the National Association of Academic and Student-Athlete Development Professionals (N4A) will highlight one or more student-athletes each month for their determination to achieve success regardless of personal, academic and emotional challenges.

  • Congrats, BieserBall, on the come-from-behind win, 6-3, against NIU! Senior LHP Art Joven was unhittable in relief. Really. Recap from

Other Mizzou Sports News

  • Congrats to #TigerStyle wrestlers, Peyton Mocco and Wyatt Koelling on their at-large bids to the NCCA Tournament next week.
  • Best wishes to Track’s reps at the NCAA Indoor Championships this weekend in New Mexico!

Mizzou in the Pros / Other Mizzou News

  • Congrats, LDW!!!
  • Mizzou Giving Day is today. Employees received some cool reminder fliers that had Mizzou stickers on one side. I’ve gotta tell y’all, this got me all sorts of excited. I love some Mizzou stickers (or stickers in general, if we’re being completely honest).
  • A month from Tuesday, Chase Daniel will be here... with GP. I really wish I had the money for this... SIGH.
  • Reiterating this- On March 14th, Rally for Rhyan has a new fundraiser, a Fight Night at Hearnes.
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