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PODCAST: Spring Football has Sprung!

Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley returns talkin’ Spring Football nuggets

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Welcome back, Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score, the Surviving the Coronavirus Edition, with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley (BK, as we all know him). On this week’s episode, it’s time to talk Spring Football! Mizzou has officially started their spring practices and while not a whole lot has happened yet, but they’ve still got notes!

Nate and BK have got some takeaways thus far and what it could mean for the future. The lineman are going to be front and center as spring practices continue, and Nick Bolton could be insanely good (editor’s note: he wasn’t already?), so everyone plan on that! So, kick back on your mountain of hoarded toilet paper, and have a listen!

Episode Breakdown:

:50 - 5:28: No one on the Podcast is sick, but BK is scared, y’all. Alas, the show goes on. First up, recruiting news! What’s the word on Mizzou’s most recent commitment outside of him just being a large, large human? Did Rivals mischaracterize him? OU wanted him badly and it seems like he is staying in the state, which is a good win for Drink.

5:29 - 17:43: Time for some Spring Football notes! Tre Williams played hurt (or injured?) last year, which could mean he is in for a bounce-back year and the D-Line needs it. If he was indeed hurt, we could perhaps expect more from him this year. Also, Akial Byers seems to be a Swiss Army knife of positions. Next up is some tight end talk! DPJ has a bad eye (yikes)? That’s not a great development, but it DOES, however, allow us to look at (ha) some of the other tight ends. Who intrigues BK most? Spring Football is the time for optimism, so let’s have a glass half-full vibe on these notes!

17:44 - 28:43: BK mentions the term “greyshirt”, so let’s learn some things! What is a greyshirt? Furthermore, what the hell is a “blueshirt” ?!? So much learning on this pod. Let’s discuss Nick Bolton, someone that no one has any questions about. How good can he be this season? What’s an adequate Mizzou player comp for him?

28:44 - 40:00: BK has a take on the offense this season and Nate vehemently and loudly disagrees with it, and it all centers around the running game. The passing game is a point of concern, but a good running game could change all of it. Larry Threesticks™ and Badie are going to be key for the Tigers’ success next season.

40:01 - 46:20: A note out of Spring Practice! The quarterbacks are off limits to the media during camp. WHAT? Thoughts? BK says we can read into how the quarterbacks are doing based on other team members’ thoughts, like what (now former player) Christian Holmes said to The Athletic. Nate desperately wants to grasp some positivity straws! Also, it looks like the Drinkwitz era is making players earn their number. What are some other weird tactics used to motivate players?

46:21 - 55:30: Nate and BK take a few questions from the peanut gallery.

55:31 - END: Final thoughts including story-time with Nate and BK. This gets weird, y’all. BK shares a story he has not shared with the masses before, so don’t judge him too much!

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