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Well, ain’t that just a punch in the gut?!

Mizzou News for Friday, March 13

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Well, ain’t that just a punch in the gut...

Apologies, readers, but I (like many of you sports fans) am really just working through some feelings right now. The teams hoping that if they made a run in their respective conference tourneys that they’d find themselves in the Big Dance with a chance to become the next Cinderella, the seniors of spring season team sports who now have no ultimate goal to work towards, the individual athletes who just qualified for their first NCAA championships (or even it was their second or third)... all over. POOF.

Look around you. At the nearest empty arena. At your home because you’re now forced to work from there for the next few weeks. At the country. At the entire world. Hell, even at the alarmingly empty shelves at your neighborhood Target store. We are for sure in the Bad Place.

The impact of sports on my life has been tremendous. From participating in sports myself (swimming -and to a lesser extent- softball), to a successful decade in high school coaching, to becoming an obsessive fan of multiple college and professional teams, to voraciously consuming all sportswriters’ and sports-related content on social media... I eat, sleep, and breathe sports. So I know if I’m upset as someone on the periphery these days, I can’t even imagine how devastating it must be to have this happen to people closely involved so suddenly. What if I had continued my swimming career, and in my final year of eligibility, when I had trained so hard to finally qualify for my very first NCAA Championships in the 200 free (my favorite event), I had it ripped away? With no chance of professional opportunities post-grad, it was just... over.

Look, I get it. I 100 percent support the decision to keep people safe and keep this contained; it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. But man.... it’s heartbreaking to think about, right? It’s a punch in the gut. So much lost revenue for host cities of winter and spring sports tournaments, for athletic departments, lost wages for the people who work in stadiums, etc. My coworker told me that her family counts on the overtime that her husband, who works for campus police, earns from working events at Mizzou Arena and elsewhere on campus. That’s just gone now. And it just... sucks. For everyone involved. We can’t even know the lasting effects coronavirus will leave in its wake right now. It’s terrifying.

And lastly, from a sports blogger’s perspective (which I guess I should call myself), how do you write about sports when there ARE NO SPORTS? Fearless Leader Sam was asking us on the Rock M Slack channel to pitch... (horror-struck) NON-sports content. What?!? This is depressing as hell. I mean, what am I going to do with myself?

This really IS the darkest timeline, isn’t it?

I guess I can finally take a look at my Netflix queue, or read some of the books I’ve been holding onto for years?

So, anyway, on to the links, I guess. Let’s just get this over with.

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These are a few of the best sports stories & tidbits I found regarding the current state of sports. They are really good. Promise.

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