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Farewell, spring sports season. We hardly knew ye.

Mizzou News for Wednesday, March 18

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Farewell, spring sports season... We barely knew ye.

Well, that was over before it even really started. No spring sports. Just think it. There will be NO MIZZOU SPORTS until Fall 2020.

Pretty much.

Let’s say our farewells, shall we?

Bye, Bieser Ball.

Baseball wrapped up their very short season with an 11-5 record, including ending on a 7-game win streak. They had yet to play a conference game. Bieser’s squad included 5 seniors, and we obviously do not know their future plans are at this time.

Melanie Rau wrapped up the season in a piece for the Missourian.

Adios, Larissa Anderson’s feisty squad

Softball’s shortened season ended with an overall 19-7 record, including 3-0 in SEC play. The undefeated play, by the way, had them tied for first place in the conference. WHERE’S THE BANNER?!? Anderson’s squad included only one senior, RHP Eli Daniel, so they should be returning a lot next season (sniff).

Outdoor Track & Field, you never even got started

That’s a damn shame. I have a fondness for Ja’Mari Ward, as I wrote about him in our Top Tigers of the Decade piece, and I was looking forward to seeing how he did this season.

We bid adieu to Men’s & Women’s Golf, Women’s Tennis

They didn’t share any additional information on social media, but their seasons came to abrupt halt as well. And that sucks. (stupid pandemic)

If you’re interesting in checking out the coverage about the season cancellation, here are some posts about it.

But really.

Anyway, on to the links. Mizzou beat writers are really, really trying here, and I thank them.

Yesterday at Rock M

  • Nate the Great introduced to another new coach, DJ Smith! He will be coaching our linebackers, if you were not aware (I can’t even keep track these days).
  • And just so I can continue to wallow in the loss of Tiger hoops, if you never checked out Fearless Leader Sam’s posts on Madness-less March and the death of Missouri Basketball (this season, guys, calm down), DO IT. It’s not like you have other things to whilst practicing social distancing and working from home.

More Links:

Football & Hoops

Assorted Mizzou Sports News

  • Peter Baugh of The Athletic put together a fun little bracket featuring top moments of all Mizzou sports teams since 2015 to face off against one another. I’m super interested in following this.
  • Congrats to #MizzouMade Chase Daniel, the most financially successful back-up quarterback in the NFL, signed with the Detroit Lions in a reported 3 year, 13.05 million dollar deal. LOVE TO SEE IT. GET THAT MONEY, CHASE.

Interesting/Non-specific Mizzou News

These are a few of the best sports stories & tidbits I found regarding some goings-on in sports. I must confess, I didn’t try all that hard to find stuff. I was really, really busy today trying to prepare for working from home for the foreseeable future, and then I had to work at my retail job tonight (people are wild, y’all).

  • Gotta LOVE what the Chiefs players are doing here. Awesome, fellas. Just awesome.