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FanPulse CBB: Holding steady

After a solid few weeks Mizzou fan confidence is holding steady.

NCAA Basketball: Mississippi State at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Note: these are the results of last week’s vote, not for the email vote that went out this morning.

As we’re nearing the end of the season, it’s good to take a bit of stock on where things have gone from since the beginning. A season which started with a fair amount of promise, cratered a bit, and has now rebounded to see Missouri playing the kind of basketball we’d hoped to see all year. So it would make sense that we’ve seen a rebound and a bit of steadying of our confidence in the program.


fan pulse cbb 2020

Here are the last five weeks of numbers:

  • 35%
  • 42%
  • 60%
  • 76%
  • 75%

Personally I’m still mostly confident, but the program still needs to infuse some level of excitement to make a push into next season. With Dru Smith and Xavier Pinson back, there is reason to think the guard play should be taken care of, but the forward spots are still a big question mark.

If Missouri has a successful offseason and adds a scoring wing and gets improvement from the Combo Forward spot, I think there’s reason enough to think next year will be a whole lot better than this one.

Moving on...

Who are the most deserving of 1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament?

Even though we voted last week and several of the teams at the top lost... I still think this top four is correct:

fan pulse cbb 2020
  • Kansas 86%
  • Baylor 85%
  • Gonzaga 74%
  • San Diego State 47%
  • Dayton 37%
  • Duke 30%
  • Maryland 23%
  • Florida State 19%

It pains me to say as a Missouri fan, but KU is deserving of the top overall seed. They’re playing as well as anyone and are a fierce defensive team. And Udoke Azubuike is as dominant of a basketball player as there’s been in College Basketball over the last few years.

Even though Baylor lost over the weekend to TCU, they’re still 3rd in KenPom and are 25-3 this season. The TCU loss is ugly, but they’ve got two opportunities to beat Texas Tech and West Viriginia to round out the season. If they do that, I think they deserve the top seed.

The same should be said for Gonzaga and San Diego State, but I could get talked into dropping SDSU for Dayton if the latter goes undefeated the rest of the way.

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