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We’ve made it... it’s Friday, and what a long week it was.

Mizzou News for Friday, March 19

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We’ve made it... it’s Friday. (giant sigh)

We’ve made it to Friday in what seems like the longest week ever, and I hope everyone is feeling okay. As someone who has never worked from home, the lack of face-to-face communication is depressing, the silence is deafening, and I’m truly not sure how I’m going to handle it, even after a few days.

Repeat after me.

I will say... I do like waking up later and being able to wear a hoodie and Mizzou tee all day. And I can listen to podcasts and music without earbuds in, so that’s nice. And the fact that I still am working and getting paid is a relief, when so many people I know are having a hard time as restaurants are laying off staff and businesses are cutting hours or closing. Please support your local restaurants and small businesses if you can. Get some takeout from a place directly so they get all the proceeds. Snatch up some gift cards to use later on. Buy a shirt from your favorite brewery that gives 100% of its proceeds back to its staff, like Logboat. Whatever you can do to help is greatly appreciated.

But really, do it.

Anyway, back to sports! One other good thing about working from home... Writing the links posts is WAY easier with my whole workstation is at home, and I can get through them a helluva lot faster with two big ol’ monitors, as opposed to my iPad, which is what I normally use. I scoured the interwebs for Mizzou content today, and I’m pretty proud of the hodgepodge of Mizzou/sports/random things I found to share with you all.

To the links we go.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:



  • There may be no March Madness, but there ARE the Manager Games. Up in the Midwest first round— #5 Mississippi State vs. #12 Mizzou. Get on that twitter and help ‘em out, you guys!
  • 2022 offers are going out, and the first ones to pop up were to Chaminade center, Tarris Reed Jr, and Blue Valley forward, Aidan Shaw. Matt & Sam are high on both of them if you’ve seen their social media.

Assorted Mizzou Sports News

Interesting/Non-specific Mizzou News

These are a few of the best sports stories & tidbits I found regarding some goings-on in sports and the world (no spiders).