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PODCAST: Before The Box Score - Bunker Edition

BTBS with Nate and BK returns to talk Mizzou Football to help pass the time!

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South Carolina’s Stanley Doughty, left, misses a tackle on M Photo by Erik Campos/The State/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Welcome back Tiger Fans, to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley. Spring Football was here, and then it was not. Everyone is in some sort of way on lock-down, quarantine, whatever you wish to call it so let us all enjoy a new episode of Before The Box Score.

Topics include some recruiting news and what that means moving forward, a Mizzou Legends Draft preview, and some general quarantine thoughts about how one can pass the time. Let’s get to it.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 3:30: Well, Spring Football has sprung, but it’s lockdown and quarantine time so there will be none of that. What a few months these last couple weeks have been, huh? How’s everyone holding up? Let’s check in with our hosts. BK has been taking in some interesting content on ESPN 8: The Ocho. He’s still going into the office daily, but Nate hasn’t set foot outside his property in a while now.

3:31 - 13:04: It’s been a little slow, but there has been some news including a commitment from a QB in East St. Louis! What can this commitment mean for the Drink regime going forward? BK references his Rock M post on the commitment. Has the pipeline to ESL been reopened? The bat signal is out as of late Tuesday afternoon, but we still don’t know who the player is yet. The guys like this recruiting staff so far, and Nate’s got plenty of data from his Getting to Know You posts to back it up.

13:05 - 28:52: During this slow time, Nate and BK and it will conducting a draft of Mizzou Football Legends, that will hit in two posts. How exciting! There’s been some serious talent at Mizzou. Round 1, Pick 1 went to BK, so let’s talk some of the picks! Stat Machine Nate is really into this.

28:53 - END: To wrap up the pod, the guys had an important question to ask: if you were forced to watch one movie and one tv show for the rest of your life, what would they be? It is time to wrap it up for the week, but BTBS will return in 2 weeks!

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