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No time for April Fools.

Mizzou News for Wednesday, April 1

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Happy April 1st, a day just like any other day these days.

April Fool’s Day does not exist this year. No funny business.

Also, there is REALLY not much Mizzou news aside from hoops recruiting— everyone is talking about THE Justin Turner, as well as the news that three of Mizzou’s players will be testing the NBA waters while firmly holding onto the life vest that is their eligibility. (Editor’s note: If you can’t comprehend why what they’re doing is a good thing, then kindly reference Ryan’s article— or any of the major Mizzou pubs and/or their twitters)

Cheers to the Tiger Trio! May your feedback be helpful and see ya back in the black & gold. (side note: I love this show- Life in Pieces- it was so funny)

So, let’s just proceed, shall we? I’ve got A LOT of random cool stories at the bottom of the page, and I hope you will consider checking them out. Please?

Yesterday at Rock M

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  • Hi DeMarre, we miss you too.

Assorted Mizzou Sports News

  • Wrestling did a cool little tribute thread to celebrate their NINE STRAIGHT conference titles, starting with 2011-12 Big 12 Champions. Click on the tweet to see the thread. [starts singing Memories]
  • Coach Anderson did a zoom check-in with her team. How fun!
  • Swimming & Diving thanked 3-time NCAA qualifier, senior Daniel Hein.

Interesting/Non-specific Sports News

These are a few of the best sports stories & tidbits I found regarding some goings-on in sports and beyond. (Today was mostly sports)