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Mizzou Hoops target Justin Turner to announce decision today

Mizzou Links for Monday, April 13

It’s Decision Day for Justin Turner and Anxiety Day for the rest of us!

This whole Justin Turner recruitment has only lasted for a few weeks, but it might as well have been years. With the lack of sports, waiting for news has been like waiting for rain in a drought — every little morsel is like a lifeline. And if the metaphor tracks [editor’s note: eh, kind of?] then Monday is going to bring a storm... which could be a good or bad thing!

Turner has long been touted as one of the (if not the) best grad transfers on the market, and Missouri has been squarely in the mix the entire time.

Our own Sam Snelling said yesterday morning that Missouri seems to be the favorite, especially if you’re into Twitter sleuthing. At the very least, it appears to be that Turner could be making his decision between Mizzou and staying put at Bowling Green.

Either way, the decision should come down this afternoon on his Instagram. While it’ll be relieving in the moment, it’ll likely be the only major sports news to come down today, so let’s all prepare for a healthy amount of anxiety in preparation!

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Generally this is where we deposit the Missouri-related links that don’t fit with the bigger theme. HOWEVER, there are only so many of those to go around these days.

So as long as I’m doing links (Mondays and Tuesdays!) I’ll be posting stuff that’s getting me through this craziness.

  • With the Masters postponed, CBS re-aired last year’s memorable tournament with commentary from Tiger Woods. ESPN recapped the whole thing for those who didn’t watch, while Tiger gave an interview about last year’s tournament and how he’s staying ready for the tournament when its re-scheduled.
  • Did anyone else feel this way about the ESPN HORSE thing?
  • Saturday Night Live made a return to TV this weekend in an unprecedented show filmed from the separate homes of the cast members. There are highlights and lowlights (as always with SNL), but it’s worth watching to see how they pulled it off.
  • Netflix is still capitalizing off of Tiger King by bringing back members of the documentary for a Q&A with Community’s Joel McHale. The AV Club recapped it if you don’t want to watch the whole thing.
  • If you’re looking to sign up for ESPN+, Rock M Nation now has an affiliate link: click Here for ESPN+ Now! (** RockMNation has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though RockMNation may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links.**)