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The Missouri Tigers Legends Draft: Round VII

Megastars of the early Pinkel years and the later Pinkel years finally get their names called.

Just jumping in? Here are the previous rounds of the Missouri Tigers Football Draft:

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Welcome, Tiger fans, to #PeakOffseasonContent. Despite a lack of championships, the Missouri Football Tigers have had some excellent players throughout the years, both at the college and professional levels. There have been excellent ambassadors on and off the field, as well as some that changed the program or revolutionized a position. So what better time than now to draft a hypothetical team of these exquisite athletes?

BK and I will build a team of 22 starters (sorry, specialists!) to craft a team to play against the other. For simplicity’s sake, we’re limiting our selections to guys who played on the 2000 team going forward, including the current roster in 2020. Each Round will alternate who goes first and we’ll provide our reasonings/explanations/defense afterwards.

At the end, you all will be able to vote for who you think has the best team! And of course, we’d love to hear your picks for each round as well and why we are dumdums who don’t know what we’re talking about.

Round VII starts with Team BK!

Round VII, Pick 13: BK selects WR Justin Gage

Colorado v Missouri Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

I can’t let Nate double J-Mac on every play, so I need to make sure I have another option for Chase Daniel as he scans the field. You won’t do much better than Justin Gage.

A star on the football field and a contributor for Quinn Snyder’s basketball program, Gage probably doesn’t get the credit he deserves for what he accomplished in his time as a Tiger.

When Gage left Mizzou, he was the program’s all-time leader in receptions (200), receiving yards (2,704) and receiving touchdowns (18). He still holds the single-game record for most receptions in a game (16) and receiving yards in a game (236, which he reached twice).

I love me some Brad Smith, but I would have loved to see what Gage could have done with Daniel as his QB. Now, on this team, we’ll get that chance.

My picks:

Round 1: QB Chase Daniel

Round 2: LB Sean Weatherspoon

Round 3: WR Jeremy Maclin

Round 4: DE Aldon Smith

Round 5: CB E.J. Gaines

Round 6: DE Markus Golden

Round 7: WR Justin Gage

Round VII, Pick 14: Nate selects DE Shane Ray

Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl - Minnesota v Missouri Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images

Taking my defensive end pick AND my wide receiver pick that I thought you would never go with? RUDE! So much rudeness on both of our parts!

If that’s the case I’m continuing my hash-tag Missouri’s Three Ends approach and going defensive this time and snagging the school’s single season sack record-holder, Shane Ray.

Shane Ray’s life story has been well documented and the fact that he made it to college in the first place was incredible. But not only did he make it, he thrived, and turned the middling 3-star ranking into an All-SEC Defensive Player of the Year, All-American, and 1st Round NFL Draft Pick success.

For my 3-4 defense, I’m installing Mr. Ray as the Jack/Joker/Buck/Tiger/[whatever special name a coach uses] linebacker; the position in the 3-4 linebacking crew that is almost exclusively a pass rusher. Ray has the speed to get around the ends, do some decent zone coverage of tight ends, and enough strength to stand up against the run and will be a perfect addition.