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PODCAST: Talking Hoops with CJ Moore

Sam and Matt return to talk College Hoops with The Athletic’s CJ Moore

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Dive Cuts returns after what was a dismal Monday, but here to lift your spirits (hopefully), is CJ Moore from The Athletic! Sam and Matt recap the swings and misses from Monday and they catch up with CJ Moore to dive deep into Mizzou Basketball.

Friend of the podcast, CJ Moore, talks about the Mizzou season that was as well as how Mizzou can improve on the court next season. Sam, Matt, and CJ also dive into what Cuonzo Martin has done with recruiting, who needs to take that next step next year, and a little bit of the future outlook for Mizzou Basketball.

Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 1:40: Welcome to Dive Cuts! Some general chatter before welcoming CJ Moore to the pod.

1:41 - 10:58: Welcome back, CJ! First, how’s he doing? Let’s jump right in— what was the main thing that went wrong for Mizzou this season? Regression is part of it, but there’s more to it. The season was frustrating, but there’s some hope out there for Mizzou fans. Really.

10:59 - 16:10: What team should Mizzou fans expect to see moving forward? Is it the good Mizzou we saw flashes of or the bad version that is not going to make the tournament?

16:11 - 26:40: In one of CJ’s most recent pieces, he mentions that Mizzou is missing a wing on offense, which is noticeable, but how can HCCM tweak the offense (again) to maximize the roster? Pinson and Dru Smith being on the court at the same time is a good place to start.

26:41 - 34:28: As we move forward, where does CJ believe this roster is in terms of where HCCM wants it to be and where it can go? Recruiting athletic players has been something that is talked about, but Mizzou has not had a ton of luck as of late. A lot of roster turnover is coming after this year.

34:29 - 42:32: A whole lot is uncertain about athletics in the near future, but we assume basketball will be played in some format. But, with so much uncertainty, is this situation something that will make the NCAA make some changes in some format?

Also, thank you to CJ Moore for joining the podcast. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and check out all of his work at The Athletic.

42:33 - END: Sam and Matt recap the interview with CJ Moore, as well as dive into the lackluster results of Monday that could have been so much better for Mizzou Basketball. It was not great, so what’s next? Lastly, Sam and Matt tie up the rest of the podcast with some final thoughts. They will be back in 2 weeks with a new episode of Dive Cuts! See you then.

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