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PODCAST: Testing the NBA Waters, Transfers, and a Global Pandemic

Dive Cuts returns to talk Mizzou Hoops and what you might have missed.

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Welcome back to another episode of THE Dive Cuts here on Rock M Nation Podcasts. Hopefully everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time we find ourselves in. Sam and his trusty sidekick Matt return to talk some Mizzou Hoops!

There have been a few happenings as of late. Most notably would be Mitchell Smith, Jeremiah Tilmon, and Xavier Pinson submitting their names to the NBA Draft to be evaluated, They touch on that and what it could mean moving forward as well as recruiting AND the Transfer Portal. Mizzou needs to add some talent and the portal is full of players this offseason. Who should Mizzou target and what are their chances? That and much more. Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 5:00: Welcome back to the newest edition of Dive Cuts! Before we jump in, let’s discuss how the staying at home is going for everyone. No one knows what day it is anymore (same guys, same).

5:01 - 24:45: Mizzou Basketball does have some news during this slow time. Three players have decided to submit their names to the NBA to be evaluated. Discuss. Which one(s) are the most surprising names? Can we expect to see all three back at Mizzou next year? Our hosts weigh the pros and cons of each, along with their likelihood to make some sort of impact at the next level.

24:46 - 37:40: Jalen Harris, a new transfer from Arkansas has popped up as someone on Mizzou’s radar, the guys have an important question— if Arkansas DOESN’T contact you about coming to their program, did you really transfer? That’s kinda what happened with Harris. He was recruited over. On to Justin Turner out of Bowling Green! This young man appears to be the main target as far as transfers go for Mizzou. Matt wrote about him at length (it’s really good, y’all), but how would he fit in at Mizzou? While Justin Turner is at the forefront, there are a whole lot of transfers out there.

37:41 - 50:43: The global pandemic that is COVID-19 has a lot of things thrown up in the air and with that comes a lot of uncertainty. Like, how, for instance is Will Wade going to pay out his players? (editor’s note: I almost spit out my drink at this random statement) How will this impact Mizzou and other programs moving forward?

50:44 - END: FINAL THOUGHTS and in two weeks, CJ Moore (The Athletic) will be on the podcast, to talk about why everyone was wrong and is dumb. So... yeah... look forward to that! Also, stay safe everyone.

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