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Mizzou Football places DL on suspension after arrest

Mizzou Links for Tuesday, April 21

Antar Thompson arrested, suspended

While we’ve been craving an uptick in Missouri Tiger-related news, Monday brought the sort of news you never hope for as a sports fan. Early in the morning, news broke that defensive lineman Antar Thompson had been arrested over the weekend for an incident that took place a few days previously.

The arrest stemmed from an incident last Friday. A University of Missouri Police officer attempted to stop Thompson for a traffic violation, where Thompson failed to stop. Thompson had been stopped 10 minutes prior by another officer for speeding

While the incident doesn’t appear too serious, this is the first real test of Eli Drinkwitz’s disciplinary measures in his time as head coach. Following the Tre Williams saga of last offseason, it’s become standard issue for quieter arrests to be handled in-house before the players are eventually reinstated. However, there’s no telling how Drinkwitz will choose to play this. For the time being, Thompson has been suspended indefinitely, as is program policy.

Thompson hasn’t been a major contributor in his years at Missouri, but had a lot of promise coming to Columbia as a junior college recruit.

We’ll keep an eye out for any developments. Not that we’d miss it — after all, what else is going on nowadays?

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Generally this is where we deposit the Missouri-related links that don’t fit with the bigger theme. HOWEVER, there are only so many of those to go around these days.

So as long as I’m doing links (Mondays and Tuesdays!) I’ll be posting stuff that’s getting me through this craziness.