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PODCAST: Drinkwitz on the “road” and Mizzou in the NFL Draft

Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and BK returns

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South Carolina v Missouri Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Welcome back, Tiger fans, to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon ‘BK’ Kiley. Drinkwitz & Co. have been doing some virtual recruiting lately, which is great to see! Drinkwitz has also been on a bit of a media tour, including a stop at 101 ESPN on the show BK produces. BK has got an opinion for you (don’t worry, it’s good).

The NFL Draft also starts tonight and while Mizzou does not appear to have any players going in the first round, they will still have players drafted this weekend. Nate and BK get into where they believe each player will go in the draft as well as who could see some success at the next level.

Let’s get to it.


:15 - 11:33: How’s everyone doing? A little bit of survive and advance mentality for some and sports are kind of on the horizon (we hope). BUT, what were some takeaways from Drinkwitz’s time on 101 ESPN (shameless plug for BK here)? BK really likes Drinkwitz. Does the PR side of everything play a part in coaching success? Who knows, but it’s fun!

11:34 - 19:55: Housekeeping time! Mizzou picked up a grad transfer from Rutgers (and PFF loves him), some off the field drama, and a little bit more!

19:56 - END: Word on the street is that BK is a fan of the NFL. And so, let’s shift some focus to the NFL Draft! Buckle up for a Mizzou Draft Week Primer! Where does Jordan Elliott go? Albert O is the most interesting piece for Mizzou in this draft. Who else gets drafted and who is looking at the UDFA route?

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