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PODCAST: Mizzou Basketball Completes its Roster

(The podcast formerly known as) Dive Cuts returns to talk Mizzou’s recent additions to its roster, the NCAA, and cocktails!

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NCAA Basketball: Missouri at Mississippi Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another episode of... The Podcast Formerly Known Dive Cuts? Sports may be at a standstill the rest of time, so it’s time for a re-brand. In all seriousness, hoops recruiting is still happening and there’s some roster construction talk now that the roster is filled. Mizzou added two transfers since you last heard from Dive Cuts. How do they help? They added a wing, but is it the right type of wing? Also, a new guard is on their way to Mizzou. Sam and Matt dive into how the newbies will help the current roster.

Additionally, the NCAA also made a little bit of news with how players can use their likeness soon in order to make some money, so that must to be discussed. How will this change college sports? Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 17:30: Welcome back to another episode of... Cocktail Hour... ahem... Dive Cuts! Sam really wants to re-brand this podcast as a cocktail podcast since sports are nonexistent these days and will be forever, the end. BUT... there has been some recent Mizzou hoops news and, as you know, they’ve filled their 2 open roster spots. It’s a good thing, too, because our hosts were really starting to worry about the Mizzou fan base... it’s a dark place, y’all. So, Ed Chang and Drew Buggs are coming to Mizzou! How do they fit in this roster?

17:31 - 33:42: Looking back at Mizzou’s season, at what percentage of outcomes did the team finish? Mizzou has been caught in a bit of a negative feedback loop, which hasn’t been fun for anyone involved. It started when Jontay got hurt, it seems. Next season could be a year to break out of that a little bit, we hope! We won’t have to blend as many new players as the others, so perhaps not being able to get on campus yet isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Sam breaks down what’s coming/going in general for some of the SEC teams.

33:43 - 48:39: The NCAA made a rule change where college athletes will now be able to make money using their likeness— good! How does that change the landscape of college sports and college basketball moving forward? Perhaps this will change the number of “borderline” guys from leaving college and making the jump. What does this look like in regards to recruiting? How does this help Mizzou? Joe Machens, here’s your chance to help recruiting!

48:40 - END: While Matt was able to distract Sam with sports for a bit, final thoughts of the podcast are here and it’s time to bring it back to cocktails. Sam has a bone to pick with Stanley Tucci for his IMPROPER NEGRONI-MAKING TECHNIQUE; Matt is horror-struck (me too, TBH). Matt & Sam get in a brief tussle, so we’ll shut things down now. ‘Til next time, listeners!

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