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Mizzou Hoops closing in on top grad transfer target?

Mizzou Links for Monday, April 6

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Can you feel that?

No, just focus for one second... do you feel it? Do you hear it?

It’s a potential #content oasis in the midst of a desert!

We’ve been closely following the decision of Justin Turner since he announced Missouri was one of his finalists earlier in the process. We’ve dedicated podcasts to his recruitment. We’ve run articles around his fit in the offense. And now we’re really hoping we can do even more once he (cross your fingers!) announces he’ll suit up in black and gold for his final season.

You don’t need us to tell you by now that Turner’s commitment would be a huge boon to the Tigers, who desperately need a scorer on the wing. We’ll keep an eye on any potential announcement and, rest assured, we’ll be all over it by the time Turner makes up his mind.

More Mizzou Links:

  • A little teaser for another ‘crootin story coming your way later...
  • Another entry in the, “Josh Christopher uses Twitter,” saga:

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

Generally this is where we deposit the Missouri-related links that don’t fit with the bigger theme. HOWEVER, there are only so many of those to go around these days.

So as long as I’m doing links (Mondays and Tuesdays!) I’ll be posting stuff that’s getting me through this craziness.

  • The entertainment world stopped for a second when SXSW cancelled its annual festival, a major blow to lots of would-be indie darlings in the film industry. However, the festival has announced a team-up with Amazon to air its entire lineup online during an undetermined 10-day slate. Very cool, very much something I’m into.
  • I know there are people out there that care about the WWE, and would probably like to know that Rob Gronkowski, former football superstar, got a belt last night.