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Best Eateries in CoMo: A Weird Bracket

Mizzou News for Wednesday, April 8

Best Eateries in CoMo: A Bracket.

No, this isn’t sports-related, but it IS Columbia-specific content, and in times like this, we really just are looking for anything to talk about, right?

Well, Peter Baugh of The Athletic put together a bracket of Columbia eateries in a valiant attempt to support local restaurants, though his seeding was... suspect? Witness. (his filled in bracket here, which is just insanity)

Some thoughts on the seedings from Mizzou sports figures/media (my thoughts in parentheses):

Peter, CC’s on the same line as El Rancho is a crime against humanity... Barred Owl as a 15 and Pizza Tree as a 4? I gotta stop reading man.” -Gabe DeArmond, PowerMizzou (Have to agree... I’ve been to El Rancho and the nachos taste like cardboard, and Pizza Tree is sooo good.)

Wow, a 12-seed is gonna make it to the Final Four. Congrats, Tellers.” -Benjamin Hochman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Tellers does have delicious food, but not in my F4)

I don’t think No. 3-seed 44 Canteen even sweats before the Final Four.” -Eli Lederman, Columbia Tribune (44 Canteen is great, but I LOVE my Flatbranch over them in the Sweet 16)

Get that Campus bull—— off of there.” -Joan Niesen, formerly of SI (100% agree, Joan is VERY smart and awesome)

The top-left and top-right quadrants are gauntlets. Chris McD’s, Pizza Tree, Jina Yoo’s, Addison’s, Murry’s, CJ’s and Barred Owl are all legit Elite Eight contenders in one region.” -Keegan Pope, former Mizzou beat writer (Seriously, some tough luck in there)

Will Booches play on Sunday? They won’t be at full strength.” -Max Baker, Columbia Missourian (Excellent point. They aren’t open Sundays)

Feel like this bracket needed regions: drunk tanks, casual dining, fine dining, breakfast.” -Matthew J Harris, Rock M Nation (Yes, that would have made sense. I found it hard to compare Cafe Berlin to a non-breakfast spot)

From Kim English (I’m ultimately good with his Final 4):

So, who makes your Final Four? Sound off in the comments! Mine personally is Cafe Berlin, Flabranch, CJ’s (though Addison’s nachos alone give me serious pause in this choice), and D. Rowe’s. For reference, I’ve never had Chris McD’s or CC’s City Broiler... too rich for my blood.

Now who’s hungry?!? On to the links!

Yesterday at Rock M

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  • In the Mizzou memory bank, Henry Josey breaks free for a touchdown against Texas A&M. Definitely one of my favorite Tigers!


  • A nice message from Women’s Hoops. We can’t wait for them to get back to work either!

Assorted Mizzou Sports News

  • Softball ended their season ranked No. 25 in the NFCA poll, for the first time since 2016! (more info at
  • A 2020 highlight of their win over ranked Nebraska from the Tiger Gymnastics squad

Interesting/Non-specific Sports News

These are a few of the best sports stories & tidbits I found regarding some goings-on in sports and beyond.

  • Tuesday (my birthday) was also National Beer Day! Local dive McGinty’s Pub celebrated by honoring some hometown faves. YUM.
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