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PODCAST: Will there be Football?

Before the Box Score Returns talking Football in the Fall and Barry Odom

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Missouri v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Welcome back, Tiger Fans to another episode of Before The Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon ‘BK’ Kiley. It is still a COVID-19 world and we are all just trying to live in it. Just because sports are not actively happening does not mean we cannot talk about them!

Nate and BK get into topics surrounding an uncertain college football question that comes down to “should there even be a season?” Nate and BK have some indicators they are looking for that could go a long way in predicting the future of the 2020 season. Also, they talk Barry Odom’s tenure at Mizzou after Nate broke it down!


:30 - 13:41: We are still here! Let’s check in with Nate and BK. It’s a whole lot of survive and advance mentality. Hopefully everyone is safe. Simple question: will there be football in 2020 and what will it look like? Simple answers first and then let’s expand. Some of this could lead to a new discussion around paying college athletes. That’s always a spicy topic!

13:42 - 26:12: The College Football calendar is something that has clearly been interrupted due to the global pandemic. The Black and Gold Game should have been this weekend! Coaches everywhere are missing out on plenty. Coaches don’t all of a sudden have a ton of free time, you know. There are also complications with athletes not being around the program as well (Disclaimer: yes, there is something more important happening than athletes being on campus!)

26:13 - 38:50: Let’s talk Nate’s Barry Odom piece for a bit... plenty of nuggets in there. What stood out the most? Nate presents a fear of what Odom’s defense at Arkansas will look like.

38:51 - END: Final thoughts! We have plenty of things to talk about to stick with us throughout all of this and stay safe. We send you out on Nate Edwards’ soapbox.

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