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Southeastern Conference APR Recognition Released

Mizzou News for Wednesday, May 13

This just in: Missouri’s women’s sports teams are killing it in the classroom

Three women’s programs were honored Tuesday by the NCAA for their APR (academic progress rates) for the 2018-19 season. Each registered perfect APR marks of 1000. Teams scoring in the top 10 percent of their respective sports receive public academic excellence recognition. WOOOOOOOOO HOOO!

fun fact: when you go to giphy and search some form of ‘smart girls’, this comes up

From Jim Sterk, lest you forget these are student-athletes:

“Academic success is a critical component of Mizzou Athletics’ Win it Right mission, and these awards demonstrate a commitment to classroom excellence by our student-athletes, coaches and Mizzou Made staff,” said Mizzou Director of Athletics Jim Sterk. “We are incredibly grateful for the critical role Mizzou’s faculty plays in the education of our 550 student-athletes and appreciate the positive learning environments they provide to all Mizzou students.”

According to the release, this is the 5th straight year tennis has received an award, and the second straight (6th overall) for women’s hoops. This is cross country’s first honor since the 2005-06 academic year (4th overall). Mizzou Athletics has earned 51 APR awards by the NCAA in 13 different sports in the program’s 15-year history.

In case you’re uninformed or need a refresher course, let’s take a look at the sometimes DARK world of APR scores, shall we? (shudders)

The academic progress rate is used by the NCAA in an effort to improve graduation rates, while also holding schools accountable for their academic.. missteps. Each scholarship strudent-athlete can earn two points each semester- one for staying in school and one for being academically eligible. **

If an athlete leaves your team in good academic standing, you’re fine. Get on outta here. Spread your wings and fly. Good academic standing, by the way, is at least a 2.6 cumulative GPA according to the NCAA.

Have an off-year? That’s okay, the NCAA says, but you’d better not let your four-year rolling APR hit below 930, or you’re cannot participate in championships. Wanna read more about it? You can consult this article on the NCAA website.

**side note: I think there’s something else in there about transferring to an institution on the same level, but I can’t find it. Like, you are dinged if you leave Mizzou to go play for... Drury, which is not a D-1 school

Story time! Once, not that long ago, you may remember a certain low, low, low, low point in men’s basketball academia... In Frank Haith’s final year (ick), both Jordan Clarkson & Jabari Brown went pro, Zach Price (hey, that’s the dude that hit another player with his car and was arrested twice... in one day. AAAAH, memories) was dismissed, Torren Jones was dismissed, and both Stefan Jankovic and Shane Rector transferred (shout out to an old CDT article for the facts on this). This disaster of a season KILLED the rolling 4-year APR— they scored 851 (!!!!!!!!) that year, and it wasn’t until last year that that fateful year (2013-14) came off the multi-year rate.

Thank God that’s all behind us now... (wipes brow) Back to the newly-released results...

  • 16/18 Mizzou athletic programs registered with an equal or improved multi-year APR score. Baseball and women’s cross-country increased by double-digits.
  • Top 5 Women’s APR: Hoops/XC/Tennis (1000), Swimming & Diving (998), and Track & Field (996)
  • Top 5 Men’s APR: Golf (994), Swimming & Diving (992), Wrestling (989), Cross Country (986) and Baseball (974).
  • Football scored 973 (up 4 from previous year) and Basketball scored 958 (up 5 from previous year), in case you’re wondering...

Moving on!

While we’re celebrating some smart kids, let’s congratulate Mizzou Football’s Taylor Powell, who is graduating in 3 years and starting grad school in the fall!

Onto the links we go! I’m using my new Wednesday format again... and remember, student-athletes:

You said it, Michelle!

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