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PODCAST: Recruiting, Scheduling, and Developing Mizzou Basketball

Sam Snelling and Matt Harris are back at it again covering schedule talk, recruiting, and have eyes on the future

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Welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts (Cocktail Hour) with Sam Snelling and MattHarris! In this episode, our hosts are putting heavy emphasis on recruiting and transfers. Since the podcast last met, Mizzou did secure a commitment and there are some other targets out there Mizzou is starting to hone in on. Sam and Matt dive into why it is important to continue filling each recruiting class with players who can replace the ones leaving while also making sure your team has plenty of experience entering each year.

They also talk the upcoming non-con schedule, and what is ahead in future years in regards to scheduling and recruiting. Also, some tips on a drink of the week to wrap the pod up if you are into that.

Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 2:50: Before we get to the topic of the day, which is Mizzou Basketball, as it is becoming a staple on this podcast, let’s talk drinks (and not the football Drink).

2:51 - 36:25: Since this IS (cough-cough) a basketball podcast, the hosts (finally) get to hoops chatter. But first, let’s talk about some guys from SLU, and how Axel Okongo was dunked on (literally and figuratively) by one Terrance Hargrove Jr, of aforementioned university. Also, we’ve got some recruiting news! Mizzou landed a commitment from Anton Brookshire! Matt thinks a live period would have improved his stock, but there is a whole lot to like about him. This could be a big piece in the 2021 class and hopefully Mizzou fans can see this as a turning point for recruiting. Then, buckle in for some serious recruiting talk that you’ve all obviously been craving in a sports-less world.

36:26 - 40:34: The hardest part of building a roster is balancing it out between getting experience and developmental players. Mizzou lost two players to the transfer portal, which hurts, but getting transfers helps that. The roster in the coming years is looking like it is building to be able to plug in incoming players when you lose that valuable experience that helps to get to the NCAA tournament.

40:35 - 53:30: Now, speaking of the NCAA Tournament, a difficult schedule can help (and hurt) those chances. There are benefits to having a tough schedule because a 17-14 record could still get you into the dance if your schedule is deemed difficult. Maybe HCCM has been saving all his luck up for this year, because man— there has been some BAD luck.

53:31 - END: Final thoughts! What is Matt working on? What’s Sam working on? ALSO, before we get out of here, tie it all together with some cocktail thoughts!

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