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Mizzou and Kansas to resume football Border War in 2025

The two schools announced a four-game home-and-home schedule that will last until 2032.

Missouri v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

We’re coming on nine years since Missouri and Kansas last squared off on the gridiron. While the hurt feelings over Mizzou’s move to the SEC extended off the basketball court, the football rivalry was unceremoniously forgotten — and for good reason. Missouri had won 5 of the previous 6 matchups and appeared to be on the rise in the SEC while Kansas floundered to become... whatever it is today.

Last year, the two sides came together to announce that the chill had thawed, leading to the renewal of the basketball rivalry effective this coming season! It only took a few months and a global pandemic for the other shoe to drop. Today, the University of Somewhere West of Missouri announced that the two sides will face each other four times over an eight year period starting in 2025.

Missouri has yet to make an official announcement, but that’s obviously a matter of formalities at this point.

Interestingly, the games will not happen in Kansas City, but rather on the school’s respective campuses. That is obviously subject to change given the fact that there may be more games scheduled in the coming years. But this is a welcome development — who doesn’t want a guaranteed win on their schedule every season?