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Cuonzo talks with SportsBeat KC

Mizzou News for Wednesday, May 20

Cuonzo Martin on your Kansas City airwaves

On Tuesday afternoon, Cuonzo Martin was a guest on Blair Kerkhoff and Souichi Terada’s SportsBeat KC pod to talk about a little of everything: the newcomers, X & Dru, Jordan vs LeBron, his sneaker collection, the name & likeness ruling, and so much more! It was great, and I highly suggest a listen. Here’s some highlights:

On name & likeness and how it will impact college basketball in the future:

“We were on an SEC call with Greg Sankey with the SEC coaches, and the unknown is how the NCAA moves forward. What I think you want to do more than anything— you want every state to be governed the same way, whether the SEC governs everything. You don’t want every state to do different things. I think that’s where problems could occur. As long as everyone is in line.. it’s long overdue.”

Will it become part of Mizzou’s recruiting pitch? How will it be employed?

“I think so. I think for every school it will be. When you talk about something of this magnitude, it certainly will be for us. The NCAA is still working on how it’s going to be employed.”

“I’ll give you an example. Take Michael Porter Jr. He goes down the court and dunks the ball and he gets a hundred to a million views. Big time dunk and all that. With name, image & likeness, though, Mike can’t take that in and profit off that photo because of the branding- it has a Mizzou logo and Mizzou branding, He’d almost have to be wearing just a regular shirt...”

It will surely be interesting to see how the NCAA figures this all out, that’s for sure. Souichi also wrote about it for the KC Star, so you can check it out there as well.

Onto the links we go!

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Other Mizzou Sports News

Mizzou Sports Social Media News & Notes

  • Welcome back home, X-Man? Sure sounds like it. (this makes me so happy)
  • Jordan Wilmore highlights. Interested to see what this big man brings to the table since not a whole lot is known about him
  • By Adam Spencer, writer for Saturday Down South, identified SEC football coaches as their Simpsons counterparts. WARNING: You can’t unsee it once you look.
  • From Coach Drink:
  • Hickman alum Trae Robertson is looking for a big 2021 season.
  • Recent football commit Travion Ford showing the love (this is super cool):

Interesting/Non-Mizzou News

These are a few of the best sports stories & tidbits I found regarding some goings-on in sports and the world— Enjoy!

  • Fans of the comedian Patton Oswalt (he was brilliant on the tv show AP Bio, btw) can enjoy his new Netflix special, I LOVE EVERYTHING.
  • This is fun. Academy Award winning director, Taika Waititi, is hosting a virtual reading of James & the Giant Peach, by Roald Dahl, one of my most favorite children’s book authors, to raise money for Partners in Health. The first two episodes are up on YouTube right now and features a wide range of mega celebrities. Super excited about this, y’all.
  • And I’ll leave you with this... Wow.
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