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The Mizzou Community speaks out

It was a busy day in the news cycle yesterday, not so much on the Mizzou side of it.

World Reacts To George Floyd Death Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

You’d have to have your head in the sand yesterday to miss out what was going on around the country. And instead of avoiding the topic and sticking to sports when no sports are actually going on, I figured we’d take the opportunity to highlight some voices from the Mizzou community.

Starting off with a few coaches:

Now some current and former Mizzou players, mostly on the football side:

Living in Ferguson, and being in St. Louis when the Black Lives Matter movement started, I feel I learned a lot from that situation. Being white and male you don’t have to think about yourself or your safety the way others do. But I listened, and I learned.

Sports is a wonderful uniter for everyone. We can cheer for players on the field or court and be one loud voice of support for these athletes playing for our favorite team. Sports brings people from all different social and economic backgrounds together, in the stands and in the locker room. It’s really pretty amazing how much of a unifier it can be.

But equality doesn’t exist in this country, and hasn’t existed since its founding. The country was founded as an experiment, and that experiment was only as good as the people involved. But people are flawed, and we tried to do right, but haven’t quite gotten there yet. But the great thing about this country is nothing is ever static. We can continue to make it better and more equitable.

Sometimes it’s best to listen as much as possible during these times. I’m listening, and hopeful.

—— as always, feel free to discuss the events but please keep the conversation civil. Before you jump in though, just take a minute to think about what you want to say. Then really think about if it needs to be said. :)