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Gary Pinkel’s foundation raises $156,000 in scholarship money in first year

Mizzou Links for Tuesday, May 5

Gary Pinkel finding purpose in life as a foundation head

When Gary Pinkel unceremoniously retired in the midst of the 2015 football season, it seemed like the worst possible way to end his storied Mizzou career. An underdog scrapper coming to Columbia from Toledo, Pinkel overcame several tough seasons at the start of his tenure to become arguably the most successful football coach the school had ever seen.

Now, as Pinkel heads toward 70 years old, he’s finding joy in his new foundation, which the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says raised over $150,000 of scholarship money in its first year:

At the core of Pinkel’s foundation is a three-part mission: raising money to benefit children diagnosed with leukemia and lymphoma; children with physical disabilities; and children from challenging financial and social backgrounds.

The foundation has donated funds and resources to Wonderland Camp, a summer camp at the Lake of the Ozarks for kids with disabilities; First Chance for Children, an early childhood development program in Columbia; and the local chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The foundation also purchased a van for United Community Builders, a faith-based community outreach program, and provided 61 pairs of tennis shoes for Coyote Hill, a foster care provider for abused and neglected children.

Also noted in the article is the fact that L’Damian Washington, former Missouri Tiger and St. Louis Battlehawk (RIP, XFL), is serving on the foundation’s board of directors. It’s always nice to see people doing good (especially in these dark days), and it’s even cooler when you get to claim them as your own people. Good on you Gary, L’Damian, and everyone else at G.P. MADE. Here’s to many more years of raising money for this cause.

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