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PODCAST: All Aboard the Drinkwitz Recruiting Train!

Nate and BK return for Before the Box Score talking Drink’s Recruiting

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Welcome back, Tiger fans to another episode of Before the Box Score: Recruiting Edition! It’s Episode 23 (or the Jordan edition, if you are a fan of The Last Dance), Nate and a newly-promoted “Big Radio Guy” BK are here to talk a little Mizzou Football! Saddle up for some recruiting talk!

Head Coach Eli Drinkwitz is on what some would call a recruiting heater. That’s been really fun to see and it looks like this staff is building something and gaining momentum.

The crew dives into that and other Mizzou Football and college football happenings.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 4:08: A whole lot of recruiting talk, BUT before we get started, some personal news for BK! Congratulations, good sir! Find out where you can hear him on a regular basis outside of this here podcast. (Editor’s note: my takeaway from this— BK is a just super good dude, y’all).

4:09 - 10:56: Back to Mizzou and recruiting, which is going pretty well right now, especially given the circumstances. Once things lighten up, can Mizzou still expect this recent success to continue? Nate does a deep dive into a piece he read on 247 sports about the trigger-happy commitments we’ve seen thus far. In Mizzou terms, Eli Drinkwitz is selling his new program and people seem to be buying in. Will it stick? We’ll see!

10:57 - 27:40: There is a new philosophy on recruiting in the Drinkwitz regime. He is continuing to focus on the state of Missouri and Texas, but he is starting something new with Chicago and Denver/Colorado. Let’s dive into those “new” ideas a bit. Chicago is something Mizzou has tried before, but Colorado is new. What can happen with the new recruiting ground?

27:41 - 41:00: How do you feel about recruiting today? Let’s look at the guys who HAVE committed to Mizzou so far for the 2021 class. BK feels GOOOD. Are we going to see Mizzou trotting out a different kind of RB in terms of style & size?

41:01 - END: Closing out the show today— Nate conducts an experiment with BK in which he asked for reactions to Mizzou recruiting-related items that he doesn’t know are coming. Thanks for listening!

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