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Mizzou Hoops coaches speak out on continuing nationwide protests

Mizzou Links for Monday, June 1

Cuonzo Martin, Nicodemus Christopher speak up on George Floyd and injustice

As the protests surrounding the senseless deaths of several POC continued on Sunday (including several close to the University of Missouri), people around the Mizzou community continued to add their voices to fray.

Around noon, one of the most impactful voices stepped in: Mizzou head basketball coach Cuonzo Martin. Martin has become a magnet for the “adversity” label in his years as a coach, with people pointing often to his background and circumstances. However, Martin took some time to discuss accountability and action, and how people in and outside the game can take measures to promote justice.

Martin wasn’t the only basketball coach who spoke up either. Strength and conditioning coach Nicodemus Christopher spoke on the dichotomy of being, “black and successful,” rightfully pointing out his unique perspective as one of the few black strength and conditioning coaches in the country.

Not for nothing, Jim Sterk issued a statement on behalf of Mizzou Athletics on Sunday night.

Obviously this is not a new issue to the university, though Sterk was not at the helm in 2015. Mizzou has taken some steps forward since the protests then, but it’ll be interesting to see what else (if anything) the university does in response.

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