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PODCAST: Dive Cuts Catches up with Souichi Terada

Sam and Matt chat with KC Star’s Souichi Terada

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Welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts with Sam Snelling and Matthew Harris!

On this week’s episode, Sam and Matt talk all things Mizzou Hoops with Souichi Terada from the KC Star! including the start of his career covering Mizzou Athletics (wooey.... that’s been a trip)! The trio also dives a bit deeper into Souichi’s thoughts about Mizzou in the SEC, the fanbase, and the CBB landscape as a whole.

Let’s dive in!

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 8:55: Welcome back to another episode of The Podcast Formerly Known as Dive Cuts. Before the show really gets going today, this is, after all, the cocktail hour, so let’s talk booze! Whatcha drinking?

9:00 - 14:00: Welcome Souichi Terada to Dive Cuts! Souichi joined the Missouri beat and then Mizzou Athletics started to tank. Who’s to blame for that? Just as a fun exercise, let’s recap what happened during his first few months on the beat. It’s... a lot.

14:01 - 33:02: What is the sense of the Mizzou fan base through the eyes of someone that is fairly new to the beat? Everyone knows how Mizzou fans can be... (the person writing this can be guilty of it as well, FWIW—Mitch’s thoughts, NOT Karen’s). It seems to have calmed down a bit since Souichi first started, so what does next year kind of look like? Stability is the name of the game. This also involves Mizzou’s fit in the SEC, which is always a topic of discussion.

33:03 - 52:00: Mizzou is rebuilding their non-con in basketball and it feels like they are doing it so they can go back to a more familiar time. Having some rivalries and packed arenas make sports more fun, that much we know. Cuonzo Martin’s luck has also been not great, but what happened last season and how does it set up this upcoming year?

52:01 - 53:50: Thank you to Souichi for stopping by and becoming a Friend of the Pod! Next time, we’ll have to talk booze with him, but until then, check out all of his work and the work of the KC Star. So much recruiting and Chiefs coverage in the Star.

53:51 - 57:43: A larger discussion after Souichi departs the podcast on how supporting local newspapers is so important. Matthew J Harris has some thoughts on this, y’all, and you should listen. Supporting national outlets is good too (shout out to The Athletic), but the local news sources are EVERYTHING.

57:44 - END: Some important final thoughts on what’s going on today, and until next episode, stay safe everyone. Go refill your drink!

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