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Jim Sterk and Jeff Long talked about renewing the Border War

Mizzou Links for Wednesday, June 17

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In a conversation between Jeff Long and Jim Sterk the two ADs of rival schools were able to cover a lot of topics, but this line stood out:

I’m not sure Long fully understands the rivalry if he’s talking about sportsmanship. We can all shake hands afterwards... but that’s the extent of the sportsmanship. I mean the rivalry started with murder and fire... we’re not stopping that train.

The good news is both ADs said there will be more games added in more sports, which I think fans on both sides (whether they admit or not) will be happy to hear it.

The other takeaway was this bit from Jim Sterk:

As COVID cases continue to go up, it’s nice to see these guys being so optimistic. I wish I were that optimistic. I think they’re going to need far more than just a couple scenarios because scenario one seems unattainable right now. The country is not closing down, businesses are going to remain open, and cases and hospitalizations continue to go up. You just hope we’re able to stave it off enough to have sports again in a few months.

Also, Axel Okongo is transferring:

I’ll have more on the scholarship impact for Missouri. It’s a relatively small one, save for the possibility of a big follow up addition.

Yesterday at Rock M


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