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PODCAST: Can Mizzou become Clemson? AND Opponent Previews

Before the Box Score with Nate and BK is back talking recruiting and Tennessee.

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NCAA Football: Tennessee at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley. Nate and BK start out by talking about where their current levels of optimism are for an upcoming season going off as we know it or at least close to it.

They also go deep on some Mizzou recruiting as a trend is starting to show itself and we can start to see types of players Mizzou Football is targeting. Also, Nate has been doing some heavy research and he has a question about Mizzou in this decade. Could they be what Clemson was in the 2010s? Fun stuff!

And as part of Nate’s ongoing season preview, they take a brief look at Eastern Michigan and Tennessee as we do gear up for hopefully a full season of Mizzou Football.

Episode Breakdown:

:45 - 10:28: Optimism level check! BK has more optimism for Nate and will try to move some of that optimism to Nate who is a little more concerned about a season than BK. Also, they talk a little bit about some takeaways from Jim Sterk and Jeff Long’s call with media members this week as we prepare for what is hopefully a “regular” college football season.

10:29 - 21:06: Well, since last time you heard from BTBS, there was another commitment and it was another recruit from Florida and he is another tall DB. Seems to be a pattern here, right? The hype on the recruiting trail has been fun, but is it sustainable or should fans be worried about decommit season? The other aspect of this is how are the new focus groups for recruiting are going, although they could be a long-term plan.

21:07 - 39:00: Nate is PUMPED to talk about a random question that popped in his head. Could Mizzou become the Clemson of the 2020s? It’s fun to dream, right?! Let’s dream big.

39:01 - 48:15: It’s time to preview Eastern Michigan and Tennessee. Before Mizzou played Eastern Michigan in 2017, what did anyone know about that program? Mizzou should beat Eastern Michigan... Mizzou should be at a minimum 2-2 to start the year (probably 3-1).

48:16 - 1:00:33: Tennessee is probably the next best test after South Carolina this year. They are enjoying some success in recruiting and Jeremy Pruitt seemed to have something going at the end of the season. What does this game look like?

1:00:34 - END: Final thoughts and be sure to celebrate Father’s Day! Nate and BK have some suggestions just in case you need them. Outside of that, we’ll see you next time.

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