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Mizzou keeping a close eye out for any potential coronavirus cases

Mizzou Links for Monday, June 29.

Mizzou keeping a close eye on potential COVID outbreaks

Not much is happening in the world of sports right now — at least if you don’t count the hullaballoo around Kansas State, which Sam wrote about pretty succinctly yesterday. I’d encourage you to check that out for a good refresher on everything that’s most up-to-date.

However, you’ll also see in his post a little tag in which Coach Eli Drinkwitz encouraged all of his Twitter followers to practice basic science and human decency by wearing a mask out in public. While many states are now making it common practice to require masks, many still aren’t, leaving Americans with their god-given freedom to sneeze on strangers. (Author’s note: Forgive me if my tone is a bit strong, but the, “infringement of civil liberties” that comes from wearing a piece of cloth on your face is one of America’s more absurd inventions in the 21st century, and I [and I believe I speak for many here] don’t have much patience for it anymore).

But it’s not just about masks at Mizzou. In case you missed it over the weekend, the Columbia Tribune had an in-depth breakdown of the COVID protocols currently dictating how things work at Mizzou. And if one thing is certain, the university is looking to deal with any positive cases swiftly.

Athletes on campus are undergoing daily temperature checks as an aspect of a seven-part pledge the athletic department is asking them to sign upon their return.

The agreement also requires athletes to self-monitor for symptoms, practice good hygiene, keep social distance, wear a mask or face covering if proper distancing is not possible, scrupulously sanitize and disinfect at home and in athletic facilities, and inform the university of any issues that may affect the wellness of teammates.

This is pretty good practice considering many sports leagues around the world have faced complications over minor COVID outbreaks within teams and training sites. All it takes is one positive test to put the entire team at risk and potentially upset the larger apple cart.

But for now, we’re all in a holding pattern, waiting to see if these precautions will work — not just at Mizzou, but around the country.

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