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PODCAST: South Carolina, Recruiting, and the Missouri Legends Draft

Nate and BK return for another episode of Before the Box Score

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NCAA Football: South Carolina at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Before we begin, your host, Nate Edwards, has a disclaimer for all listeners of the podcast before the show starts. Please listen before you jump into this week’s episode.

Now, to your regularly scheduled Before the Box Score.

Welcome back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards and Brandon Kiley! So, in regards to Mizzou, there’s been some recruiting news to dissect before moving on to a little schedule talk that involves Vandy and South Carolina. Mizzou lost to Vandy last year, which probably saved Mason’s job in Nashville, so there is that. South Carolina follows Vandy and that is the team Mizzou should be comparing itself to because they are both similar. This is a good measuring stick for Mizzou’s program.

Nate and BK dive into their Mizzou Football draft of their teams since 2000, which everyone can view on Rock M Nation dot com. There’s still a pick to be made, but the teams are basically complete. Who do you think has the best team and why?

Let’s get to it.

Episode Breakdown:

:45 - 1:50: A show disclaimer before your regularly scheduled BTBS begins.

2:02 - 10:36: It’s officially June. SEC Media days will hopefully happen in July, but August Camp should be starting and BK is fully anticipating a return to football as everyone is. Iowa State seems to have a plan for attendance this year, will other schools follow in their footsteps? Is there any news on what Mizzou might do?

10:37 - 17:35: To the recruiting side of things, Mizzou has a new commitment on June 1st from a 4-star DB! Drinkwitz continues to keep the positive momentum going. How big of a deal is this?

17:36 - 29:30: Continuing on to the opponent previews. Last show, there was a brief look ahead to Central Arkansas and after that game, Mizzou will host Vanderbilt and we all know how that game went last year.... yikes. Mizzou should not be losing to Vandy... plain and simple.

29:31 - 38:11: Onto South Carolina. This is a team Mizzou should beat on a regular basis if you would like to have regular success in this conference and they have yet to do that. Can these two teams ever play a normal game against South Carolina?

38:12 - 53:50: Enough with recruiting and actual games, it’s time to talk the Missouri Legends Draft that is wrapping up on this here website. Nate and BK dive into some of their picks, their misses, who they are happy they drafted and who they wished they did draft. Buckle in.

53:51 - END: Final thoughts and Before the Box Score will return in a couple of weeks. Until then, MIZ.

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