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Mizzou releases comprehensive COVID-19 return-to-campus plan

Mizzou Links for Tuesday, June 30

Mizzou plan includes contact tracing, masks, altered move in plans

For weeks we’ve been talking about Mizzou Athletics and how they’re handling the return of athletes to campus in the face of COVID-19. Hell, it feels like more than 50 percent of our links posts are built around this topic.

However, another shoe dropped on Monday when the university released a comprehensive return-to-campus plan for the fall semester. You can read the plan in its entirety here.

The release doesn’t say anything about athletics specifically, so it’s safe to say this will work in tandem with the plans already discussed for athletes. However, there are some things to note that will be interesting to consider when it comes to athletic activity.

First, face masks:

IN CLASSROOMS AND BUILDINGS: Face coverings will be required in classrooms and recommended when in open areas within buildings. However, face coverings are not required for those who work in office locations where they can achieve social distancing of 6 feet.

Obviously athletes playing outdoors won’t be subject to these requirements most of the time. But what about indoor athletes such as basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, etc.? Are they required to wear masks when they aren’t playing? And what about when outdoor sport athletes are inside training facilities? Do those count?

Of particular interest (at least in my humble opinion) are the consequences of these rules. Is it possible we see some player in some sport punished because of their inability to adhere to these rules? Probably not, as that would set off a firestorm of criticism the school is probably unwilling to take... but would criticism also come back if it was found out athletes were skirting the requirements and getting away with it?

Perhaps these are just mental exercises, but they’re worth considering.

Another thing to consider: Isolation

ISOLATION FACILITIES: For students living in campus housing, the university has lodging set aside to isolate positive cases and quarantine their close contacts. For those living off campus, university staff will assist with isolation plans that include food delivery and direction from public health officials.

I’m not sure how athletes get away with avoiding these procedures. It’s already been discussed ad nauseam, but what happens when an athlete mysteriously disappears from games and practices for two weeks? Do we get confirmation that they tested positive? Mizzou hasn’t been as generous with that information as of yet, but it will be impossible to hide when games are going.

There’s plenty to dig into regarding this plan, but I’ll leave the rest to you. Just consider that this whole situation is fluid, and we’re likely to see changes that do and don’t affect Mizzou athletes.

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