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SBNation Reacts!

Let’s talk rivalries!

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 06 Missouri at South Carolina Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

SBNation’s FanPulse has been RE-RE-REBRAAAAAAAAAAAANDED as SBNation Reacts and today’s installation is a fun one: Rivalries!

SBNation asked its readership at large to decide which school was their biggest rival in both football and basketball.

You might be surprised which team Missouri fans picks as their biggest football rival.

[drumroll, please]

THAT’S RIGHT. The Other Columbia!

I, for one, also picked the Gamecocks. We don’t play kansas anymore (well...not regularly, anyway) and the Arkansas rivalry was always a forced rivalry. Between memorable games, hostilities on and off the field, and the same dang name for the city the school is located in, South Carolina is Missouri’s biggest football rival, through and through.

I was surprised that Tennessee cracked the Top 3. I’m not sure I would have picked them that I think about it...who else would it be? Certainly not Florida or Georgia.


For fun, let’s take a look and see what rivalry was picked as THE BEST rivalry in college football:

Again, I went with this one as well. Michigan-Ohio State is fine but very one sided as of the moment. Alabama and Auburn would have been my #2 but Army-Navy is the last remnants of pure college football— no future pros, nothing on the line from a national perspective, just a nasty local rivalry game between two teams that truly hate each other with all the emotion in the world being displayed play after play.

Apparently we didn’t have enough respondents to figure out Missouri’s biggest basketball rival. Share your insights on which team that is in the comments!