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Mizzou Basketball recruits are getting to play basketball again

Mizzou Links for Monday, July 20

The 2021 class already has one member, but some key targets are getting in front of scouts again

Even if Cuonzo Martin and his staff aren’t able to get out and see players, it’s good for the athletes to be able to get up and down the floor. It’ll help the scouting sites be able to determine how improved everyone is and accurately rank players again.

One guy to keep an eye on with the rankings is Bates; he’s probably the top target left at guard and has a chance to bump further up the rankings with some improved play. And why he’s the top target at guard is because there are several of Mizzou’s guard targets who aren’t quite panning out.

5-star Ohio Native Malaki Branham is announcing his decision on Wednesday:

Branham obviously isn’t likely to pick the Tigers, smart money seems to have him choosing between Xavier, Ohio State or Louisville. Matt provided the breakdown of what might be left (outside of Tamar Bates):

Of course the list is for 2021, but the prospects are the same. Meanwhile Martin and his staff have gotten started on the 2023 class with a Chicago-area point guard Jeremy Fears:

2023 feels like it should be a long way off.

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