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PODCAST: Pinson Returns? And what to make of Mizzou’s recruiting misses.

Sam and Matt cap off Season 3 of Dive Cuts with some roster talk and recruiting

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It’s the season three finale for Dive Cuts! But have no fear, Season 4 will be here soon with all new intro music — you can still send tweets to Sam if you’re wanting to make a suggestion.

We start again with a quick episode of the Cocktail Hour, but in a shocking twist— Sam isn’t drinking! Matt’s beer leads to some local beer talk, before we quickly pivot to Mizzou Hoops.

Xavier Pinson’s recent instagram post suggests he will be returning for the upcoming season, which is very good news. Jeremiah Tilmon and Mitchell Smith also look to be returning, so onward and upward.

Then we dive into recruiting, where there hasn’t been a lot of good news of late. In a unique set of circumstances we’re waiting to judge the class when it’s completed.

Let’s dive in.

Episode Breakdown:

:30 - 7:10: Welcome everyone to Cocktail Hour sans cocktails! Matt is sipping on a beer which leads to some local beer suggestions (St. Louis and Indianapolis areas only, sorry non-STL/Indy residents) An anonymous request from a site editor to talk about beer more has been granted, so no whiskey talk this time (editor’s note: hey, that’s me!!!).

7:11 - 16:15: It hasn’t been the best couple of weeks for Mizzou Basketball in recruiting, but the good news is Xavier Pinson signaled his return via instagram. If we have basketball this season, Mizzou will have some key contributors back and an older team which should help optimism for the upcoming season.

16:16 - 47:05: Recruiting has seen a lot of negative news recently with Missouri being cut from a LOT of top 5 and 10 lists of some of their early targets; Arkansas PG Madison Peaster is the only one to still include Mizzou. There is no denying watching Mizzou get left off of lists is frustrating for fans, but Sam and Matt try to lay the groundwork for what to expect in the coming weeks and months. Buckle up for a LONG recruiting conversation.

47:06 - 53:00: So that was fun and uplifting... What should fans have an eye on in the upcoming weeks? Offers? Commits? The NCAA having to make schedule changes due to the pandemic? There are a whole lot of moving parts these days and it will be a weird fall.

53:01 - END: Final thoughts and some optimistic takes to send you out on a happier note. We ask that you exercise some patience during this time. We’ll see you in two weeks for the start of season four.

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