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Another day, another Mizzou coach fighting for racial equality!!!!

Mizzou News for Friday, July 3

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Robin Pingeton talks about the fight for racial equality

Welcome, friends, to what is becoming a weekly Mizzou-based social justice post from yours truly. These are my favorite kinds of posts these days, if that hasn’t become obvious.

On today’s agenda, we’re checking in with women’s head basketball coach, Robin Pingeton! As you are aware, Pingeton took part in the football players’ march on June 3 to the courthouse, and the learning and conversation with her staff and players hasn’t stopped there. Eric Blum of the Columbia Tribune brought her on as a guest on the Mizzou Sports Podcast, and wrote an accompanying piece to go along with it on Thursday afternoon...

Here’s a few highlights. I highly suggest listening to the podcast or, at the very least, reading Eric’s post. Coach P is always a thoughtful interview, so it’s well-worth your time.

In regards to what’s going on in our country right now, and how she’s addressing that with her team:

“Silence is not the answer,” Pingeton said. “We’ve got to have tough, challenging conversations. ... There’s so many things that I think we’re all realizing that we weren’t taught in our history classes. And so, just showing up, being present, asking questions, listening, the last thing we want to do is be silent. I care too much about what’s going on in this world to stay silent... I want to be a voice and I want to be an active participant in helping create change that needs to happen.”

They held a two-hour Zoom call on Juneteenth where the team discussed history and education related to the holiday, and they’re developing a plan of action of what they will do moving forward.

“This can’t be something where we’re part of a moment,” Pingeton said. “We’ve got to be part of a movement. I think it’s all of our responsibilities...”

Clearly, these conversations are empowering the team to use their voices. In the past month we’ve seen lengthy posts on social media from a number of players, including a PHENOMENAL post by Hayley Frank, who is White, as well as Aijha Blackwell.

Y’all... I continue to be impressed by our coaches, and I’m so happy they’re our leaders. I can’t wait to see them actually COACH their teams on the court or field soon (PLEASE?)!

In other women’s hoops news:

Recruiting for Women’s Hoops remains hot, as Coach Pingeton and her staff picked up the commit of 6’3” Post player, Da’Necia Trusty from Houston (2021). Welcome aboard!

On to the links. Happy Friday, and Happy Fourth of July Weekend! Be safe out there!

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  • From The Associated Press/Memphis Commercial Appeal (via the Columbia Tribune), former Mizzou players are primed for the NBA restart. Could Jontay participate? EEEEEKKKKKK.
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These are some of the best sports stories & tidbits I found regarding some goings-on in sports and the world— Enjoy!

  • And finally, this gave me a laugh. What would possess someone to try this out? Are funny treadmill videos a thing I’ve just been missing out on? Chrissy Teigen, who I got this tweet from, alluded to an unknown (to me) internet treadmill video haven of sorts. Sign me up!
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