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Happy Fourth of July!

I watched Hamilton last night, like just about everyone else, so I’m feeling this quarantined holiday.

Second of Six Macy’s July 4th Fireworks Shows in New York City Photo by Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

We’re going to keep this light, since it’s a holiday and there isn’t a whole lot going on... though we are expecting an announcement from a recruit today:

Isaiah Brevard is a 4-star Wide Receiver from Mississippi who had Mizzou in his top 7 schools back towards the end of May. But all trends seem to be pointing to Oregon.

Meanwhile, Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on college athletics... our dear * ahem* friends to the west are shutting down activities thanks to a breakout:

I’ve seen a few places where they’ve floated the idea of playing Football in the spring instead of the fall and I think it makes a lot of sense. We’re seeing more and more teams struggle to keep a lid on the team and its exposure to the virus. Meanwhile it seems unlikely we’ll be able to have more than like 13 full stadiums if they do kick off on time in late August.

If you push until spring you’re giving more time for the medical community to get a vaccine ready. And on top of that you’re also pushing to a time where the weather might be more agreeable. The August start time is brutal for the athletes in asking them to play games in that sort of heat. It also impacts fan attendance. I’m not sure about you but I’d much rather attend a game in colder weather than warmer.

We also have MLB, NHL, and NBA all struggling to start up and keep people healthy. Even ‘The Tournament’ has had to have multiple teams pull out due to COVID exposure. It’s just a mess.

I want sports back so bad, but with cases spiking I’m having a hard time staying positive.

Positive news, Steve Beiser is still out there landing CROOTS:

Dantuono is a multi-positional player who is rocking it at Westminster Christian in West St. Louis County.


What are you grilling today? I’ve got Bratwursts and Salsiccia to grill up, and fireworks to avoid (it’s impossible but one of our dogs doesn’t do well with the noises).