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Rock M Nation $15 Game

One of the internet’s most famous games has found its home at Rock M Nation...

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 01 Mississippi State at Missouri Photo by Timothy Tai/Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’ve seen this game everywhere, it’s basketball’s most offseason thing. You take your best squad and see how it matches up against everyone else:

$15 fifteen dollar game

For Clarity, you get fifteen dollars to spend, and you get 25 players to pick from at varying skill levels and dollar amounts. So...

  • 5 dollars will cost you: Rickey Paulding, Marcus Denmon, Kareem Rush, DeMarre Carroll, Arthur Johnson
  • 4 dollars will cost you: Phil Pressey, Jabari Brown, Kim English, Laurence Bowers, Linas Kleiza
  • 3 dollars will cost you: Jordan Clarkson, Clarence Gilbert, Kassius Robertson, Leo Lyons, Jontay Porter
  • 2 dollars will cost you: J.T. Tiller, Michael Dixon, Jimmy McKinney, Ricardo Ratliffe, Alex Oriakhi
  • 1 dollar will cost you: Zaire Taylor, Jordan Geist, Jordan Barnett, Earnest Ross, Travon Bryant

The idea being you try to build a TEAM so taking Arthur Johnson, Linas Kleiza, Jontay Porter, Ricard Ratliffe, and Travon Bryant might be interesting... you probably want someone on the team who can handle the ball, and other such... guards.

You can pick a guy from each column which equals $15, or you can spend less on some guys to load up on others. But the limit is $15.

So I put together a rudimentary Google Form to try and collect these as best I can. It’s not a perfect form because you can pick however many spots you want... but please for the sake of record keeping, please keep it to five players and $15 dollars. Hash it out in the comments, tell me who you’re picking and why!

So submit your team, hash it out...

I think Ricardo Ratliffe at $2 is a steal, I’d pair him with Bowers for $4, Barnett for $1, Marcus Denmon for $5, and Clarkson for $3. That’s athletic, shooting, and defense.

Or take Phil Pressey for $4, pair him with Arthur Johnson ($5), Jontay Porter ($3), Zaire Taylor and Jimmy McKinney!

Maybe you want to stick with some skill and power with Ratliffe and Bryant for just $3, then you could throw your remaining $12 at English, Pressey and Jabari Brown.

Let’s hear it!