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It’s not over until it’s over... but is college football in 2020 over?

Mizzou Links for Monday, August 10

How’s the college football outlook? Not ideal!

We’re headed into our first week of Mizzou season previews here at Rock M Nation, and it comes at, let’s be honest, not a great time! This weekend’s news cycle was nothing short of devastating for college football staffs, players and fans, climbing in severity with Saturday’s announcement that the Mid American Conference would forego the fall football season. Speaking to CBS Sports, some anonymous athletic directors say that news was the first domino.

“I’m of the opinion it’s when, not if [the 2020 season is canceled],” the first AD said. “[The MAC announcement] adds more momentum to the finish line. I think everyone’s medical group is now all telling them the same thing. We all keep having the same conversations.”

Of course, since conferences went to conference-only schedules, it seemed likely that some schools or non P5 conferences would decide to close up shop for the fall. However, that doesn’t inherently affect the bigger schools, so it was always possible that leagues like the Big 12, SEC and ACC would continue their seasons regardless. However, college football insiders believe another shoe or two is bound to drop any day.

The Pac-12 is facing regional challenges to start football practices because of virus rates in Arizona and Southern California, as well as state restrictions. The league also is dealing with #WeAreUnited, a broad and organized player unity group demanding improvements around health and safety, racial justice initiatives, compensation and other areas. ESPN first reported Saturday that the Pac-12 players came away disappointed from their initial meeting with Scott and other league officials. A Pac-12 administrator said league presidents are getting “squirrely,” and several league sources said they wouldn’t be surprised if the presidents vote Tuesday to cancel fall sports.

The Pac-12 and Big 10’s tendency to fall in line with each other further complicates matters. Two Power 5 conferences cancelling their seasons feels like a trend, not an exception, and it would be shocking if the other leagues didn’t follow suit.

That news seemed to be all but confirmed late Sunday evening, when multiple reports dropped that it’s but a matter of days until everything is made official... officially cooked, that is.

If you’re looking for any solace in the face of this potential shutdown, let it be this: if there’s any Power 5 league that would defy peer pressure and play college football anyway, it would be the Southeastern Conference. Whether or not that’s smart, especially by public health guidelines, is another matter entirely... but take it for what it’s worth.

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